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What is Swim School Software? | MarketBox

What is Swim School Software?

Swim School Software is a specialized software designed to help swim schools manage operations efficiently. The software digitizes customer booking, swim instructor scheduling, student registrations, payments, and more to reduce manual administrative tasks ad make managing a swim school easier. 

The software (sometimes called Swim School Management Software) enables school owners and swim instructors to manage the day-to-day running of their swim school online from anywhere. The flexibility it offers makes it the perfect choice for mobile swim schools and traditional swim schools alike. 

Swim school software features include: 

  • Registration and student enrollment — This allows swim schools to collect information and manage student registrations online. Some swim software also includes digital waivers, with integrations available if this isn’t possible on-platform. 
  • Class scheduling and management — Scheduling tools make it easy to organize classes, assign instructors, manage class timetables, and track attendance.
  • Billing and payments — Swim school software simplifies billing by automating invoicing and tracking payments automatically. Many swim software also has online payment processing so parents or students can pay for their lessons at the time of registration (or store their card to be charged later). 
  • Progress tracking and reporting — Swim software often includes tools to record and analyze student performance, track skill development, and provide feedback to students or parents. If the swim lesson scheduling software is primarily an online registration tool, this feature may be missing from the core line-up, however it can be added via an integration if required. 
  • Staff management — Tools such as performance tracking, payroll management, scheduling, and employee time-tracking make managing swim instructors easier. For mobile swim schools, staff management tools should include options to control when and where your team operates on any given day.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) — A CRM allows swim schools to maintain detailed records of students as well as track communications and purchase history to manage customer relationships more effectively. 

6 key benefits of swim school software

#1. Online class enrolment options boost sales by 50%

Swim school software has integrated online booking, allowing clients to book and manage swim lessons online 24/7. The always-on feature enables you to take bookings even when your front office is closed, giving your students the flexibility to book at their convenience. The software also enables you to create class schedules and monitor enrolment, and set up parameters to close bookings (or start a waitlist) when classes fill up.  

#2. Digital client databases make accessing information easy

For easy access to client information, create custom client databases in your chosen Swim School Software to record and store contact information, skills levels, and any health issues instructors need to know about in one accessible location. For mobile swim schools, look for swim lesson scheduling software with a mobile app to quickly and easily access this information on the go. 

#3. Direct billing and invoicing eliminate late payments

75% of customers want the ease of online payments. Swim lesson scheduling software lets you avoid handling money and allow clients to quickly and securely pay for lessons and purchase class passes online at the time of booking. Swimming software with integrated payment features can also help you avoid late payments and time spent chasing invoices, as you can get paid upfront or store payment information to be charged after a lesson is finished. 

#4. Automated reminders and alerts reduce no-shows by 41%

With swim school software, you can easily send out email, and text message alerts through the platform to improve communication and keep clients up-to-date with upcoming lesson times, pool closures, schedule changes, offers, and more. Even better, most swimming software lets you automate reminders, so there’s one less task to worry about. 

#5. Digital employee scheduling saves up to 32 hours a month

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a swim school is scheduling your swim instructors. With swim school software, you can automate employee scheduling and review and approve time-off requests easily within the software. Accessible on any device, swim instructors can access their schedules at the click of a button.

#6. Online file storage reduces manual admin

Swim school software allows you to create, send, and save participation waivers, contract agreements, and other important documents digitally to cut down on paperwork. With digital files, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and can be shared with instructors as needed.   

5 reasons why MarketBox is the best mobile swim school software

MarketBox is the only swim school software designed for mobile swim schools. The all-in-one platform streamlines the day-to-day management of your mobile swim school, handling your booking, scheduling, payments, and more. 

#1. MarketBox’s online booking process can be fully customized

The software’s customizable online booking calendar lets clients filter by date, skill level, or instructor availability and schedule swim lessons in their own time. And, with real-time schedule updates, you never have to worry about over-subscribed classes or double bookings either. For mobile swim schools, MarketBox’s Provider SmartConnect filters swim instructors depending on the client’s location, so they only ever see swim instructors available in their area. 

#2. You can offer package deals to boost sales

The flexibility of the software means it’s just as easy to schedule a single swim lesson as it is to book recurring sessions, and if you offer packages of swim lessons, then MarketBox can take care of that too. Prices for packages can be customized, allowing you to offer your clients additional savings if they book multiple sessions. You can also set up promo codes to engage first-time customers, reward loyal students, or run promotions and sales. 

#3. Travel zones let instructors control where and when they work

Designed for swim schools offering mobile swim lessons, MarketBox’s Travel Zones feature enables your swim instructors (or you, the admin) to establish service areas and assign availability to locations for control over when and where you offer lessons. Travel zones help you cut down on travel time, optimize your booking calendar, and give your swim instructors more control over their schedules. 

#4. MarketBox amplifies your marketing efforts

MarketBox's Swim School Software’s marketing features make it easy to create custom offers based on a client’s history and advertise them via text and email. You can also choose to display customer reviews and other trust factors in the online booking flow to help build relationships with clients and drive sales. 

#5. The Stripe integration makes processing online payments simple and safer 

Managing your swim school’s finances couldn’t be easier. MarketBox has in-built invoicing and payment capabilities (via Stripe), making it possible to take payments before, during, and after the appointment takes place. With digital payments, you never have to worry about late payments or chasing invoices again.


If you are looking for Swim School Software, MarketBox can help. Our fully scalable solution takes the stress out of managing your swim school, giving you more time to focus on your students. Book a personalized 1-on-1 demo today to discover how MarketBox can help your swim school thrive.

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