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Discover just some of the many benefits Swim School Software offers and find out how it can streamline the running of your mo

7 Benefits of Swim School Software For Mobile Swim Schools

Mobile swim schools have lower start-up and ongoing costs as there’s no need to rent or maintain a swimming pool; your customers do it for you. For traditional swim schools operating at full capacity, adding a mobile lessons arm to the business is an easy way to diversify and increase sales without overfilling your regular classes. What’s more, students love the convenience and familiarity of learning in their own pools, so why don’t more swim instructschors offer mobile swim lessons? 

One word. Logistics. 

When you have to start scheduling swim instructors across multiple locations, travel zones and availability can become a bit of a nightmare. Booking gets more complicated. And for some swim schools, the extra admin isn’t worth the headaches. Unless you have the right tools for the job…

What is Swim School Software

Swim School Software (sometimes called swim school management software) allows school owners and swim instructors to manage the running of their swim school digitally. The software handles online booking, instructor scheduling, student registration, payments, and more. 

Most Swim School Software is designed for physical swim schools operating out of a fixed location. However, MarketBox is designed specifically for swim schools offering mobile swim lessons, making it easy to operate at scale without drowning in paperwork and route plans.

What benefits does Swim School Software offer mobile swim schools?

Swim School Software allows students to book swim lessons 24/7

70% of customers want to book and manage appointments online. By choosing a swim school software with an integrated online booking feature, you can offer students their preferred way to book swim lessons right from your website. 

Not only that, but with online booking, your school stays open even when no one is monitoring the phones. You can literally get bookings while you sleep! Most booking software for swim lessons will have real-time availability updates, so you never have to worry about double bookings either. If you’re eyeing up an option without, it’s time to look elsewhere. 

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows by 29% 

A helpful feature of swim school scheduling software is the ability to automate appointment reminders. Reminders have been shown to reduce no-shows by 29% — which still happens even if you’re the one traveling to the appointment — but sending them out individually can be time-consuming. 

Automated appointment reminders do all the hard work for you and can be configured to go out within your chosen time frame pre-appointment. Not all swim school software will let you personalize the reminders beyond just adding your business logo/name, so if that’s important to you, it’s worth chatting to their sales team before committing to see if there’s anything they can do. 

Swim School Software enables you to collect payments online 

75% of customers want the ease of online payments. In an increasingly cashless society, being able to collect payments online is fast becoming mandatory. 

Not only are online payments more convenient for your customers, but it’s one less thing your swim instructors have to deal with when they’re traveling to and from clients’ pools. And for your office team, there’s no need to chase late invoices as you have the security of knowing you’ve been paid upfront. 

Collecting payments online also offers you more flexibility in your pricing model. For example, you can:

  • Offer packages at discounted rates
  • Set up promo codes for first-time customers, loyal students, and other promotions
  • Add additional charges easily if you upsell a student on other services or if you’ve sold a physical product at the lesson 
  • Take payments upfront, charge deposits, or store payment information to be automatically charged once a lesson is complete

Online booking options increase booking frequency by 50% 

As we’ve discovered, booking swimming lessons online is the preferred booking method for most students. Because of the convenience and flexibility online booking offers, mobile swim schools often see an increase in booking frequency (sometimes up to 50%). 

Swim School Software reduces your team’s workload 

Swim School Software handles your booking process, the scheduling of your swim instructors, customer payments, student registration, hour tracking, and more. The result? Less work for your office team (or yourself!). 

In fact, business automation software has been shown to save up to 32 hours a month. That’s four work days freed up every month just because you’re now handling your booking, scheduling, payments, and general admin online and via customizable automations. 

Human error is eliminated from the scheduling process

Customers lead the booking process, selecting the times, dates, and instructors that suit their needs. Once confirmed, the relevant instructor’s availability is automatically updated, and the booking is added to their schedule. The customer receives a booking confirmation email, and the instructor is notified of the upcoming booking. 

With swim school scheduling software, there’s no room for human error. That means there are no more misheard email addresses, no confusion over postcodes, and no lessons booked at 2:50 instead of 2:15 because the connection was bad. 

For swim instructors, there are fewer errors in payroll and fewer delays in receiving payments because hours can be logged automatically, so there’s no need to submit time sheets. 

Swim School Software makes it easy to gain insights and data on your mobile swim school

Finally, one of the often overlooked benefits of swim school software is easy access to key data on your business. Because you’re running everything through one software, pulling insights about your sales figures, provider performance, acceptance rates, refund requests, etc., is quick and convenient. Most mobile swim school software will pull the reports for you, so all you need to do is click a button. 

Now that we’ve covered just some of the many benefits Swim School Software offers, I hope you can see the impact it would have on your mobile swim school. If you’re interested in learning more about using MarketBox’s Swim School Software to run your business, book a call with one of our experts

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