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Accept online payments, secure deposits, and take control of your business's finances with flexible payment options powered by Stripe.
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Online payments

Get paid for services on your terms

Choose how and when to receive payments with a booking system that puts you in control.

Accept all major credit & debit cards

Give customers a convenient and secure way to pay for services online.

Offer customers cashless tipping options

Let customers reward providers without reaching for their wallets.

Process additional charges as needed

Upsell your way to higher revenue and get paid fairly for the services you provide.

Sell services your way

Offer discounted packages, recurring appointments, or one-off services and create custom promo codes to boost sales

Protect against no-shows

Charge for last minute cancellations and no-shows to recoup lost revenue.

Manage payments securely

Stripe payments handle all the security so your customer's sensitive date is safe.

Flexible payment options to help you grow

Stay competitive wherever your business operates with adjustable pricing models that reflect the client's location.

With MarketBox's flexible payment options, the sky's the limit.

Location-specific pricing

Easily compete with local businesses or account for increased mileage for appointments in other areas with pricing that adjusts by location.

Service fees

Add an additional percentage or dollar amount to services to cover additional business costs liking advertising or customer service.

Multiple currencies

Simplify the checkout experience by displaying pricing in the client's currency automatically and seamlessly operate internationally.

Discover the future of online payments.

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