Employee Profiles

Make a better first impression

Let providers show off their skills, expertise, and service offerings with individual provider profiles
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MarketBox employee profile example displayed on a desktop computer screen
Example of MarketBox employee profiles displayed on a desktop computer screen
Example of multiple employee profiles displayed on a computer screen

Highlight the people, skills, and services that make your business unique

Let providers highlight their skills, industry experience, qualifications, and service offerings, so customers know they're booking the best.
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    Highlight relevant skills and experience
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    Link providers to services for easy booking
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    Show off what makes you different from competitors
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Start building relationships with clients before they book

Put a face to a name and let clients get to know your service providers before they book, with the option to add photos and short bios to provider profiles.
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    Providers can customize their profiles with photos and bios
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    Let clients see who they're booking
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    Personalise your service offerings by showing off the people behind the job
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Example of an employee profile showing trust features like skills badge, experience, photo, etc on a laptop screen
Example of the backend of an employee profile showing the unique permalink

Reach more customers by letting providers market themselves

Each provider profile has a unique permalink that takes clients directly to that person's booking page, which is useful for sharing across emails and social media.
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    Let providers share their links across social media
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    Save time on marketing
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    Empower your providers to market themselves
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Find the right software for your team.

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Employee Profiles FAQs

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