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Why Your Business Needs to Offer Appointment Packages | MarketBox

Why Your Business Needs to Offer Appointment Packages

Every service-based business should offer a package option to customers. Selling appointments in packages is the most convenient way to organize any recurring service and can be configured however it makes sense for your business. 

With scheduling software for service businesses, you can choose what services to include in your custom packages and customize pricing to entice customers and offer better value to loyal clients. Here are just seven of the many benefits appointment packages can offer.  

#1. Appointment packages increase revenue 

One of the most compelling reasons to add service packages to your booking process is the revenue increase they create. By selling your services in packages, customers pre-pay for multiple services. Not only do you receive more money upfront, but you guarantee repeat business

#2. Packages are the easiest way to offer discounts when booking multiple services 

Appointment packages are the easiest way to reward your loyal customers and offer discounts when they schedule multiple services. Packages allow customers to see the pricing upfront, so there’s no need to apply codes or go through a complicated booking process.

Discounts are almost impossible to resist for a large percentage of the population, which is another reason why appointment packages increase revenue (see point 1).  

#3. Service packages offer excellent upselling opportunities 

Another great reason to add service packages to your offerings is that they’re an easy upsell. If a customer is trying to schedule just one appointment, offering a package at a discounted rate and pointing out how much easier they make it to schedule recurring services is an effective sales technique. 

You could also consider sending out targeted offers to customers who have purchased single appointments in the past with an additional saving when they book a package next time to increase your sales further. 

#4. Selling services in packages improves customer satisfaction 

Appointment packages offer better value and are the most convenient way to purchase recurring services at the best price, which is why they’re so effective at improving customer satisfaction. Your customers will love the ease and flexibility of purchasing services in packages — especially if you use scheduling software like MarketBox, which doesn’t require them to use the whole package in one go.

#5. Packages of appointments reduce admin tasks 

Appointment packages make it much easier to track the progress of recurring services. Instead of monitoring multiple orders for each client, you can use scheduling software for service businesses to monitor their package as one order and see who has credits remaining (and who’s due a reminder to book again email!). 

#6. Appointment packages are an effective way to increase customer loyalty 

Packages guarantee customer loyalty for at least the length of the package (e.g., five sessions). But they can also increase long-term customer retention because they give you multiple chances to impress the customer and demonstrate the value your business offers. 

#7. Offering packages of appointments puts you at a competitive advantage

Despite the recurring nature of many services, most service businesses don’t offer packages because their chosen scheduling software (or manual method) doesn’t make it easy to do. By using an intuitive, all-in-one appointment scheduling software like MarketBox, you can easily offer packages and set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers the convenience they crave. 

To learn more about MarketBox’s package feature (and all the other ways it can help you increase sales and simplify your scheduling), book a personalized walkthrough of the platform

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