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Software maintenance costs and factors

Considering custom software? Here’s what you need to know about software maintenance

If you’re considering bespoke software, make sure you understand the various factors that contribute to software maintenance costs. And understand the difference between off the shelf software and custom development.

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Email Marketing
Getting Started

Advantages of Using Email Marketing for Service Businesses

In this post, we're sharing the advantages of using email marketing or your service business. Discover best practices for using email to stay connected with your leads and customers.

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How to handle customer complaints about your service business

How to Handle Customer Complaints About Your Service Business

In this blog post, we're exploring how to handle customer complaints about your service business. Learn how to develop a complaint procedure to keep customers happy.

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How to Ask Customers For Reviews for Service Businesses

How to Ask Customers for Reviews for Your Service Business

In this blog post, we're sharing best practices and approaches on how to ask customers for reviews for your service business.

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Service Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

Health and Safety: How Service Providers Can Be Protected During Coronavirus

In this blog, we're sharing how service providers can be protected during the Coronavirus pandemic and how they can continue to operate their service business successfully.

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Lawn Care Business

How to Start a Lawn Care Business for Profitability

Everything you need to know about starting a lawn care service business. Use our guide to discover the right marketing strategies, pricing system, equipment, and software tools to help you build a successful lawn care business.

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