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Man putting together a schedule using a paper planner with sticky notes and laptops

5 Ways to Improve Your Scheduling Process

If your scheduling process involves 15 different steps and consulting multiple lists, spreadsheets, and random memos before you can commit to a booking, you’re doing it wrong. 

That might sound harsh, but sometimes tough love’s the only way to get the message across. 

Granted, scheduling mobile service providers isn’t easy. Organizing a crew of mobile workers across multiple locations can quickly become a complex puzzle that seems impossible to solve. However, there are steps you can take to make your scheduling process a whole lot easier. 

#1. Communicate schedules early and often 

Avoid confusion over working hours and the countless emails asking for updates by communicating schedules to employees as quickly as possible. Although there will invariably be last-minute jobs that pop up, giving employees their schedules ahead of time enables them to plan better. 

For a mobile workforce, accessing schedules while out in the field is imperative for knowing what’s coming next. However you choose to share schedules, make sure you have a way of updating mobile workers of any changes in real-time to avoid confusion. 

#2. Discuss expectations with your staff before situations occur

If you know that regular overtime, emergency callouts, or irregular hours are common themes in your business, inform your employees before they start. If it’s too late for that, discuss expectations with your service providers and come up with a solution that works for both parties. 

By informing potential staff of the realities of working in your industry, you’ll build a reliable workforce that will make scheduling much easier. If you know who to call on for the emergency job that came in or who’s willing to pick up an extra shift that week, you won’t need to tweak your schedule constantly. 

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#5 is a real game-changer!

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