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Easily coordinate the schedules of mobile workers, automate repetitive admin tasks, simplify customer bookings, process payments, & more with MarketBox.
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How is MarketBox Transforming Businesses?

Large Fitness Chain

Client Challenge:
Ineffective booking process made scheduling and paying difficult for customers.

MarketBox made selecting, booking, and purchasing sessions a snap. Enabled new revenue streams: virtual and in-home sessions. Trainer-friendly mobile app to increase engagement.

Significantly grew customer base, sales, and average purchase size. Self-bookings increased by 137%.

In-Home Swim Lesson Provider

Client Challenge:
Lack of robust platform to expand internationally and decrease labor intensive admin tasks and costly web developer fees.

MarketBox's scalable all-in-one system provided customer-friendly e-commerce booking flow to convert more sales, and tools to manage business operations, including instructor travel zones and route optimization.

Expanded into two countries and 50+ cities. Onboarded 400+ new instructors. Sales increased by over 80%. R&D costs decreased by ~50%.

Child Therapy Center

Client Challenge:
Long sales cycle and lost customers due to cumbersome, manual processes. No easy way to manage or sell clinic, tele-health, and in-home appointments.

MarketBox's platform automated provider management, making it easy and fast to expertly match clients with the right therapist.

Average time to close sale went from 8+ days to 8 hours, improving sales by ~35% while decreasing admin time. Launched tele-health services and self-booking option.

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Sell More, While Working Less

Set up a customizable online store to automate your sales. Allow customers to buy your services 24/7, even when your office is closed. Our easy to use booking flow can also be used by your team to quickly close sales over the phone.

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MarketBox booking page

Easily Manage Mobile & Virtual Service Providers

Manage each worker's travel zones and availability, to optimize logistics and maximize revenue. Don't waste time and money with workers stuck on the road or in traffic.

Unlike other scheduling systems, MarketBox easily allows for businesses to scale across multiple neighbourhoods, cities, or even countries.

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MarketBox travel zone example showing a map of New York with hand drawn coverage areas

Make the Right Match...and Fast

Speed is key to making a sale. Don't lose customers to a competitor. MarketBox gives you all the info you need to quickly match customers and service providers - filter your workers by skillset, availability and services they offer.

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MarketBox provider profiles shown during the online booking software

Grow, Scale, and Relax

Because MarketBox automates your business, you can easily sell more services, employ more workers, and expand into new regions.

Do all this while freeing up time in your schedule to work on the things you're passionate about. Or you can use your extra time to relax a bit more (don't worry, we won't tell).

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Grow, scale, and relax with MarketBox
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Who Uses MarketBox?

Service Marketplaces

Quickly and easily launch your service marketplace with our all in one platform.

You can easily upgrade to MarketBox from your existing platform - we'll help you transition and scale your marketplace to its next stage of growth. Our software seamlessly scales up with you.

Perfect for service marketplaces of all types: MarketBox provides best in class features for virtual services or mobile workforces.

Businesses with Travelling Service Providers

No more headaches with scheduling and route planning. MarketBox will cut down booking time, resulting in more closed sales.

Leverage our e-commerce booking feature so customers can self-book (or continue to book on behalf of customers and close sales in a shorter time.)

You'll be able to handle a larger number of workers, services and geographies with a smaller team.

Laptop hybrid business
Businesses Offering Virtual Appointments

Businesses that want the flexibility to sell virtual services use MarketBox to optimize their scheduling and sales.

Customers want convenience more than ever - MarketBox can help you tap into this lucrative market.

Franchise businesses and enterprises leverage their deep workforces and brand recognition to open up new business opportunities using MarketBox.

MarketBox Powers Any Industry

MarketBox can be configured to fit any service industry perfectly. Streamline your business operations and logistics online. Schedule more appointments, leverage route optimization, and grow your sales. Discover how these industries are using MarketBox to take their service business to new heights.

home health care practitioners
Home Health Care

Easily launch and grow your home health care business. Manage your mobile team with automated appointment scheduling and route optimization.

home service workers holding tools and clipboard
Home Services

Leverage online scheduling and route optimization features to book more jobs. Make your business more efficient - automate sales to grow your bottom line.

makeup artist applying makeup to clients face
Beauty Services

Make running your service business easy. Automate logistics with online scheduling and optimized routes. Take your sales potential to new heights.

fitness service provider working out with clients
Fitness Services

Power your your mobile fitness team with the right software. Automate scheduling and optimize routes. Get more sales with online session bookings.

wellness provider with client
Home Wellness Care

Grow your home wellness business online. Streamline operations with automated appointment scheduling and optimized routes.

mobile music teacher with student playing saxophone
Mobile Lessons

Manage your mobile team the easy way. Automate logistics such as lesson scheduling and route optimization. Close more sales online.

Did You Know?

of bookings happen outside of business hours.
of customers say having the ability to book, cancel, or change appointments online is important.
is the average increase in booking frequency when customers can book online.
Is your business prepared to capture these sales?
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Why Marketbox?

Customize MarketBox to fit your business's unique needs
  • Customize your MarketBox colors, branding and logo
  • Customize your e-commerce booking flow
  • Customize your service offerings - add as many as you like
Designed specifically to manage travelling & virtual workers
  • Instantly match your service providers with customers based on travel zone/travel time and their availability
  • No more manually calculating travel distance
  • No more back and forth trying to manually align schedules
Digital Marketing & SEO expertise
  • MarketBox’s proprietary brand building tool allows you to easily create web pages to advertise your services and build organic web traffic via SEO
  • Your business e-commerce booking platform can be formatted to be displayed in search engines, making it easier for customers and leads to find your business
Operational expertise
  • MarketBox is quick and easy to set up
  • No tech team or IT department required. MarketBox will maintain and host the platform for you
  • Our enterprise customers have a dedicated customer success lead and a customized implementation plan
Constant innovation
  • We listen to our customers and are constantly adding new features
  • We leverage machine learning and A/B testing to increase user engagement and improve lead conversions for each business on the MarketBox platform
All-in-one Solution
  • The most comprehensive all-in-one solution available on the market
  • Easily integrates into other software solutions
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Find the plan that's right for your team.

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