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Promo Codes Feature Insight

An overview of the MarketBox promo codes feature

The MarketBox promo code feature enables you to set up custom promotional offers to help boost revenue, keep customers engaged, and hit your sales targets.

Whether you want to create an introductory offer for new clients, send out seasonal promotions, or reward your most loyal customers, with the configurable promo codes feature, the possibilities are endless.

Configurations include:

  • Dollar or percentage offers eg. $10 off or 10% off
  • The ability to apply codes to all service offerings or select options
  • The option to set a cap on the number of available codes eg. 20% for the first 100 customers
  • One-time vs multi-use codes
  • Optional end dates
  • The ability to pause and reactivate codes

How to Set-up a Promo Code

To get started, head to the Promo Codes tab, listed under Services in the main navigation, and select "Add a Promo Code"

You can choose the wording for each code and the name that will appear on order summaries if the code was applied. This allows you to keep codes short and easy to remember, while providing more context on order summaries.

Example Promo Code Ideas

To inspire your next promo code, here is a list of popular use cases to consider and some sample codes to get you started

  • New customers — WELCOME + VALUE eg. WELCOME10
  • Seasonal promotions — HOLIDAY/SEASON + VALUE eg. HALLOWEEN20 or SUMMER15
  • Social Media exclusive deals — PLATFORM + VALUE eg. INSTAGRAM10
  • Offers tied to specific events — EVENTNAME eg. BACK2SCHOOL, ANNIVERSARY
  • Customer referrals — FRIEND + VALUE
  • Ongoing offer to encourage customers to book online — SAVE + VALUE