Travel Zones and Route Optimisation

Tools to optimize your mobile workforce

Minimize travel time, establish coverage areas, and get more out of your schedule.
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Minimize drive time to spend more time earning money

Give providers the power to set unique travel zones (or set them yourself), to minimize travel time between jobs and spend less time traveling and more time earning money.
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    Avoid travel delays and disappointing customers
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    Help providers spend less time on the road
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    Reduce travel costs and increase revenue
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Group local clients together for optimized scheduling

Get more out of your schedule and service clients within custom radiuses on the same day to free up space in your booking calendar.
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    Enable customers to book local services
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    Free up time in the schedule for additional bookings
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    Deliver consistent results
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Travel zones page on the MarketBox mobile app
Laptop screen showing a custom travel zone being added to a provider's availability

Customize locations and availability by date

Travel zones can be set individually by day or week if required so providers have full control over their schedule.
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    Allocate days to locations for a more efficient schedule
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    Providers can control where and when they're working
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    Minimize travel time between appointments
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Travel Zones and Route Optimisation FAQs

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