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AquaMobile sends targeted marketing emails to select customers. But to ensure the right messages went to the right people they had to manually export contacts and orders from MarketBox every day and update lists constantly.
As soon as a customer places an order, a Zap sends the information over to Hubspot and tags them as a current customer. This updates their email lists automatically and ensures marketing messages are only sent to contacts without active packages.
Within 6 months of using MarketBox, AquaMobile has doubled its revenue and saved 7+ hours per week by integrating with Hubspot. As a result of their well-timed, personal emails they've seen customer self-booking increase 3X and support requests decrease.


North America's largest provider of private at-home swim lessons

operates in more than 100 cities across 3 countries
employees 200+ swim instructors
runs their booking & scheduling entirely in MarketBox
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5,000 +



users saw productivity spike

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Zapier integration

Connect MarketBox to thousands of other apps and unlock endless opportunities.
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Stripe integration

Take payments securely online and store customer payment info for faster checkouts with Stripe.
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Hubspot integration

Integrate customer data into Hubspot and reduce abandoned carts while tracking sales data.
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Salesforce integration

Improve your customer experience and monitor interactions when you connect with Salesforce.
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Mailchimp integration

Level up your email marketing efforts by connecting MarketBox to your Mailchimp account.
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Dropbox integration

Store customer notes, business information, and vital documents securely via a Dropbox integration.

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