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Smart Clusters

More Appointments, Less Drive Time

Smart Clusters, an AI-powered appointment scheduling and route optimization solution, analyzes your team's schedule and suggests bookable time slots based on existing nearby appointments, helping you avoid heavy traffic, while decreasing scheduling gaps and drive time.

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*Available only to MarketBox Professional and Enterprise users.
MarketBox Smart Clusters Eco Friendly Times
AI-Powered Scheduling and Route Optimization for Mobile, In-Home and Brick & Mortar Service Businesses

Efficient Scheduling, Maximized Productivity


Fit in more bookings, minus the driving fatigue

Smart Clusters utilizes real-time traffic data to help your team strategically map appointments by customized travel zones. Providers can efficiently get to their next appointment, without the worry of traffic delays.

When a client makes an appointment, Smart Clusters automatically blocks off travel time in your provider's calendar, ensuring your team's schedule is always optimized, accurate and bookable.

For Mobile & Brick-and-Mortar Businesses: Smart Clusters optimizes routes for businesses traveling between client locations and HQ, creating “mixed” routes.

MarketBox Smart Clusters Provider Calendar
MarketBox Smart Clusters Scheduling

Eliminate costly scheduling gaps and admin work

Whether you're a team of 1 or 1000+, Smart Clusters efficiently manages and optimizes your schedule and availability, enabling your team to accommodate more bookings with your available workforce.

Say goodbye to manual resourcing and dispatching tasks—Smart Clusters handles it all, freeing your team from administrative busywork for more appointments.


Offer bookable time slots that work for your clients and team

AI Suggested Times allows clients booking online to preview your services, and book based on their needs, while also optimizing for your team's routes and service areas.

Suggest eco-friendly time slots that prioritize minimizing team's drive times, burnout and carbon emissions.

Minimize wasted gaps, and maximize your team's availability

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