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What is Spa Software? | Marketbox

What is Spa Booking Software?

Online spa booking software provides a management solution for all types of spas, wellness centers, and skin clinics. With an online platform, you can track and manage appointments, allow clients to book online, provide contactless checkout options, schedule staff, and track inventory in one place. Streamline your tasks and grow your business with one system.


The Key Benefits of Spa Booking Software

Flexible online booking options 

Allow clients to view appointment options and book services in their own time with an online booking calendar. 

Straightforward staff management tools

Manage hours, approve vacation requests, and create custom staff schedules in one place. 

In-built payment processing and invoice capabilities 

Create payment schedules and stay on track of invoices with automatic reminders for outstanding or upcoming payments.  

Automated marketing options 

Create and automatically send emails and text messages to clients, informing them about upcoming sales and promotions. 

Custom client databases

Save clients’ personal and contact information in one place. Easily record the services they have had, their billing information, and any personal notes for future visits.

Automatic appointment reminder alerts

Automatically send email or text message reminders to clients about upcoming appointments to reduce last-minute cancelations and missed appointments.  

Online inventory and purchase tracking 

Track your product inventory and what is commonly used in your spa, along with preferred brands and suppliers. You can also set reminders to check inventory balances and re-order stock so your services are not affected. 


If you are looking for spa booking software for your business, check out Marketbox and book a 1-on-1 demo to discover how it can help your business grow.

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