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8 Ways Employee Time Tracking Benefits Businesses & Employees | MarketBox

8 Ways Employee Time Tracking Benefits Businesses & Employees

Tracking employee hours is essential for everything from payroll and productivity to accurately billing clients and staying on the right side of labor laws. But the downside of employee time tracking is the paperwork it generates — unless you use employee time tracking software to track hours automatically. 

Employee time tracking software is a common feature in both scheduling software for small businesses and field service management software. It’s an easy tool to integrate but to fully understand the importance of automated time tracking, let's look at its effect on businesses and employees.  

benefits of automated time tracking | MarketBox

How automated employee time tracking impacts businesses 

#1. Automated time tracking increases productivity

Tracking employee time automatically increases productivity across the company because it helps identify bottlenecks or friction points in work processes. With the data in front of you, it’s easy to see how much time is spent on specific tasks and identify inefficiencies or areas to streamline. 

You can also see if certain employees are quicker at tasks than others and provide additional training or assign jobs accordingly. This helps reduce wasted time and ensures your workforce operates at peak productivity levels. 

#2. Employee time tracking software saves time and money 

Automated time tracking eliminates time theft, so you're not at risk of overpaying employees for time they didn’t work. It also significantly reduces admin tasks, saving time and eliminating errors, ultimately reducing payroll costs. 

Some businesses find that employee time-tracking software saves so much time that they no longer need additional office staff to process timesheets or manage their workforce. These employees are then free to focus on other aspects of the business, such as improving customer service.

#3. Accurate time tracking provides insights & data on ways to improve

Using scheduling software with integrated employee time tracking gives businesses easy access to data and insights that will influence hiring decisions and general workforce management. 

Making data-driven decisions helps a business remain competitive and take steps to streamline processes, and continue providing a high-quality service to its customers. 

#4. Employee time tracking software helps you stay compliant with labor laws

A popular reason for using employee time-tracking software is to stay compliant with labor laws and to make tracking vacation and benefit eligibility simpler. With automatic time tracking, it’s easy to monitor how many hours an employee has worked, what vacation time or benefits they’re eligible for, and ensure they’re not working more or fewer hours than their contract states. 

#5. Automated time tracking makes payroll easier 

Another benefit of automated time tracking is that it makes payroll significantly easier. Automated time tracking ensures that the information for payroll is always accurate, accessible, and easy to store to refer back to if necessary. Without a pile of paper timesheets to go through, payroll can be processed faster and with fewer mistakes, as the time logs can be automatically uploaded to your chosen payroll processor. 

3 ways employees benefit from automated time tracking 

#1. Time tracking software ensures they’re always paid on time 

Automated time tracking means employees are always paid on time, and their paychecks are accurate because the data is logged for them. They no longer have to worry about late payments or missing the cut-off for submitting hours and not getting the full amount that week. 

#2. Automated time tracking reduces admin and lowers stress

Implementing employee time-tracking software gives your employees one less thing to worry about each day. Without the need to fill out and submit physical timesheets, employees are free to focus on their jobs and can leave as soon as the day’s complete without needing to stay behind to catch up on paperwork. 

#3. Employee time tracking increases job satisfaction 

Automated employee time tracking ensures staff members are compensated fairly for their time without the need to chase down payments or query checks. It also helps reduce the risk of overscheduling employees because it’s easier to see who has worked their allotted hours that week. This all helps to increase job satisfaction and reduces staff turnover

Final thoughts 

If you’re looking to streamline business operations and improve productivity, look for scheduling software with integrated employee time-tracking features for a two-in-one solution.

For businesses with a mobile workforce, MarketBox is the only appointment management software that’s specifically designed for in-home and mobile appointments. The all-in-one software makes it easy to get booked online, coordinate providers, take payments, track hours, and more. 

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