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5 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Optimizes Productivity For Mobile Workers

For mobile workers, an optimized scheduling process is essential for maintaining efficient and productive days. Productivity is an important trait for businesses, so every opportunity to improve upon it is worthwhile. 

According to studies, the average employee is productive for 3 hours a day. Given that shocking statistic, it’s no wonder that businesses are relying on software and tools to increase productivity. One tool that can make a significant impact on productivity levels is employee scheduling software. 

What is employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software is a digital tool used to create, organize and optimize an employee’s schedule so that tasks or jobs are completed on time. For service-based businesses offering mobile appointments, employee scheduling software helps coordinate when and where a mobile worker needs to be on a given day.

Employee scheduling software helps to optimize a mobile worker’s availability, maximizing productivity and freeing up space in their booking calendar for additional appointments. Features include

  • Schedule management 
  • Hour tracking 
  • Route optimization for mobile appointments 
  • A mobile app for accessing information on the go
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The importance of employee scheduling for mobile workers

Employee scheduling ensures that a business has a clear overview of where each mobile worker is and who’s available at any given time. This enables the company to operate more efficiently and boost productivity. 

Mobile workers benefit from employee scheduling more than most, as it gives them a clear idea of their day, including where and when they need to be on the road. 

5 ways employee scheduling software optimizes productivity

Regardless of a business's industry, creating employee schedules is essential for efficiently managing mobile workers. Here are just five ways employee scheduling software can help your service-based business optimize schedules and improve your workforce’s productivity.

1. Work schedules are accessible anywhere, from any device

Mobile workers aren’t likely to be based in one location most of the time. From in-home massage services to backyard swimming lessons, mobile service providers are constantly on the move, which is why making schedules available online is so important.

Employee scheduling software allows work schedules to be shared and accessed instantly via an online portal or app. Through these same channels, business owners or office staff can easily share schedule updates without needing to pick up the phone. This is more convenient for you and your service providers, and it avoids potentially disrupting an ongoing appointment which could contribute to lower customer satisfaction levels

2. Accessing data on provider performance is quick and easy 

Optimizing mobile workers' productivity levels requires you to have a clear indication of how your employees are spending their time. Employee scheduling software makes it easy to see the acceptance rate for providers, how often they’re being booked, how much time they spend on the road, and other insights that will help you identify areas to improve. 

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3. Automating recurring admin frees up time and resources across your business

Automation is becoming increasingly popular with businesses in all industries looking to improve workforce productivity. Being able to streamline tasks is music to a mobile worker’s ears because it means less admin work for them, freeing up more time to focus on their clients.

Admin such as time tracking and filling in timesheets can all be done automatically through employee scheduling software. This helps to save a lot of time and effort for both mobile workers and the office team processing payroll, resulting in fewer delays or errors for both parties. 

4. Communicating with mobile workers is faster and more convenient

When managing mobile workers, sometimes sharing updates can be a problem — providers might be driving or with a client, so it’s not always possible to get ahold of them. As you can’t always phone employees, having real-time communication through an app or online platform is useful.

For mobile workers, this feature of employee scheduling software means they can access the chat when it’s most appropriate. 

By relaying information quickly and getting fast responses, employee scheduling software helps optimize productivity and reduces delays. All this directly benefits the client’s level of satisfaction and the overall customer experience.

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5. Employee scheduling software helps improve job performance

As with any business and its employees, job performance is crucial. Monitoring job performance helps identify the top performers within the company and those who might need to catch up.

You always want to assess job performance, as even the top mobile workers have room for improvement. Using employee scheduling software helps identify areas for growth and stops tardiness in its tracks. 

Top tips for improving productivity in your business

What other ways can productivity be optimized within a company? Here are some top tips to give your business and its employees an extra productive boost this year.

  • Always maintain open, effective communication with employees
  • Utilize productivity apps for task-tracking
  • Keep your workers motivated through incentives
  • Review working schedules to identify pain points
  • Consider cutting staff who don’t meet expectations or are lowering workforce morale


For service-related businesses, employee scheduling software helps optimize booking calendars and improve the efficiency of work schedules, allowing mobile workers to improve their work performance for clients. 

If you’re looking to level up and optimize productivity in your service business this year, employee scheduling software could make all the difference. 

Author Bio: Natalie Redman (LinkedIn)

Natalie is a freelance writer with two years of experience in web page copywriting for businesses across many industries. She’s also the owner of two blog websites and a Youtube content creator.

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