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SwimSoft Pricing and Reviews 2023 | MarketBox

SwimSoft Online Pricing and Reviews 2023

What is SwimSoft Online (a software overview)

SwimSoft Online is a software package to manage swimming lessons. The software is the swim-specific version of Mor Solutions course management software, catering to businesses in the aquatics industry. Features include online registration, payments, and client communications. 

SwimSoft Online features 

SwimSoft comparison, features, and pricing | MarketBox

SwimSoft Online features over 300 features, according to their introductory video. Although the software does not appear to have an online booking feature that allows customers to get instant confirmations, SwimSoft does have an online web inquiry form for customers to submit their data

In addition, the software comes pre-loaded with award schemes and criteria from the main awarding bodies. As the software is UK based, most of these schemes are UK-specific, but the SwimSoft team will help you add additional awards systems if needed. 

Perhaps the most comprehensive set of features relates to customer communications. Clients can message the swim school admin via their client hub (and vice versa), and messages can be sent to individuals, groups, or entire databases without leaving the platform. All communications created within SwimSoft Online are auto-filled with the client’s specific information, enabling swim schools to send personalized messages without any extra effort.

One area that appears to be missing from the software is employee scheduling, so swim school owners looking to run everything via one software will be disappointed. If you’re looking to save time scheduling employees, a tool such as MarketBox can help. 

MarketBox is the first appointment-scheduling software specifically built for in-home and mobile lessons (although the software can also accommodate fixed business addresses). The platform’s intelligent scheduling features pull data from the booking flow to update employee calendars and make it easy to control when and where team members operate via custom travel zones. For more information on how MarketBox can handle your swim school’s operations, book a personalized demo with the team

SwimSoft Online Pricing 

SwimSoft pricing | MarketBox

SwimSoft Online pricing is available by application only. Although the website does not display pricing options, it would appear from several swim-related Facebook groups that users pay per swimmer + a one-time $250 activation fee. Depending on the payment method, the software also charges a small percentage of every transaction too. 

SwimSoft Online Integrations 

SwimSoft does not explicitly list integrations on its website. However, the software intro video on their Youtube channel indicates that the platform works with third-party systems to handle direct debit and email and text communications, suggesting that certain integrations are possible. 

SwimSoft Online Reviews 

SwimSoft reviews | MarketBox

SwimSoft Online (or the parent company Mor Solutions) is not listed on any major review sites, so finding reviews is difficult. However, you can find SwimSoft Online reviews in some of the swim-related Facebook groups. In general, users like the software’s payment system, particularly the ability to charge via direct debit, and frequently comment on how much time it saves them with the admin

That being said, some reviews state that it’s often a case of adapting their business to the software, rather than having the software work around their business model. Depending on how you operate your swim school, this may be an issue you run into. 

If you’re looking for a flexible booking and scheduling tool that can deal with mobile appointments for your swim school, book a personalized MarketBox demo to learn more.

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