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Email Marketing

Advantages of Using Email Marketing for Service Businesses

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves sending strategic emails to leads to eventually convert them into customers. In addition, you can send emails to existing customers to sell them additional services or encourage them to give you repeat business. Using various email marketing tools, you can send customized emails based on your service business’ preferences. 

Why It’s Important to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important way to speak directly to your customers right in their inbox.

Don’t underestimate this strategy! This type of marketing can lead to increased sales and revenue. According to Hubspot, email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. Use it as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Increase Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Email marketing is affordable compared to other forms of marketing such as Pay Per Click advertising. While, traditional forms of marketing aren’t always targeted or scalable, email marketing is both.

Another advantage is you can A/B test your emails and messaging within your emails to see which ones resonate with your audience.

You can segment your email list based on your target audiences. Email campaigns segmented by user interest see 74.53% higher click rates as compared to non-segmented campaigns. Develop content that makes sense for the stage of the sales funnel your leads are in. 

To illustrate how the sales funnel works for email marketing here’s an example of a music lesson business:

If you are the owner of a music lessons business and you want to send email marketing to your customers and leads, then consider which stage of the funnel they are in.


Top of Funnel 

  • This means your customer  leads are in the awareness stage. 
  • Present them with email content with introductory information such as welcoming them into your community and perhaps tips on how to clean or tune their instrument.

Middle of Funnel

  • It’s time to hit your customer leads with your business’s unique selling propositions in your emails to them. 

Some points to consider when communicating your business’ unique selling propositions :

  • What makes your music lessons different from other businesses offering music lessons?
  • Why should they choose you over another music lesson company?
  • Include information in the email about fast service, your music teachers will travel to their home, you use software that allows them to easily schedule their appointments, etc.  

Bottom of Funnel

  • At this stage you’re hoping to close the sale. 
  • Your content should be direct and encourage your customers and leads to convert.
  • It’s time to share an offer for a discount on your music lessons. 

Get More Website Traffic

You can highlight your website content and add links within the emails you send to customers. This will drive more traffic to your website and improve SEO as a result. Not to mention, the traffic that is driven to your website will be qualified. A qualified lead is a prospect that is likely to make a purchase because they are in need of the solution the seller is offering.

If you create original content for your email campaigns and it performs well, you can use that content on your website. On-site engagement can help to improve SEO. Use emails as a testing tool to see what content pieces you may want to develop. 

Many people are turning to AI to help them create content, but it can sound robotic if you're not careful. An AI writing detector tool ensure that the content actually remains authentic and sounds like a real person wrote it.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Email is one of the most effective marketing strategies because it helps you keep a direct line of communication open with leads and customers. Most people check their emails at least once per day which means there is a higher chance they will see your email and open it (if the content is relevant and you present it in a way that makes sense). You can also ensure you maintain a high level of email deliverability by using an SPF record checker and taking additional email security measures.

Use email to build thought leadership by sending content that provides useful tips or information to recipients. If you have a new offer ensure you send it to your customers. 

The types of content you send can vary: 

  • Newsletter with key updates and events
  • Offers and promotions
  • Blog articles
  • And more!

 For instance, if your lawn care services business has an offer of $25 discount on a lawn maintenance service in the month of June, then you can email leads and customers to share this offer with them.

Get Regular Feedback from Customers Via Email 

Consider using email marketing to improve customer experience. 

Send your customers surveys to gauge what your customers think about your business. Ask them through email to leave reviews about your service following an appointment either on your website or on a third party review website such as your Google My Business listing.

Regularly hearing from your customers can allow you to continuously improve your services and customer experience. This insight will help you understand your customers pain points with your business. On the other hand, it will also provide insight into what your business seems to be doing right. 

For instance if you own a beauty services business, and you send an email to your customers to ask them for feedback, they may share that they would love it if you offered additional services such as eyelash extensions or had a larger selection of nail polish for manicures. 

Email Marketing Best Practices 

While email marketing can be a positive strategy it’s important to avoid spamming your leads and customers. Consider the following tips: 

Only send high-quality content in your email

Your customers want to hear from your business when you have valuable content for them to enjoy. Only send your customers high-quality content or offers that they will appreciate. The more targeted your emails, the more you’ll know what content is appropriate to serve to different customers. If you need help creating targeted email campaigns, you could look at hiring a digital marketing agency.

Personalize your emails

Ensure you personalize your emails to avoid turning off your leads and customers. According to Hubspot, email personalization is the number one tactic marketers use to enhance email marketing performance. Your email marketing tool will have options to insert personalized fields which will populate customer information from your email list such as their first name or the city they live in.

Ensure your customers opt-in to your email list

A mandatory part of email marketing is that the leads and customers you send your emails to opted in to your email list. If they haven’t, you could face legal consequences as a result of anti-spam legislation. Don’t email someone who hasn’t opted in to your list.  


Email marketing can be an important part of your marketing arsenal. There are many advantages to sending strategic emails to your leads and customers. It can increase your sales and profits for your service business. 


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