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Wix Booking Software Pricing and Reviews | MarketBox

Wix Booking Software Pricing and Reviews

Wix Booking Overview

Wix Booking is a complete online scheduling software. As the name suggests, it’s created by Wix and requires that you have a website built through their platform to make use of the features. Plans start at $20/month, and the software adds booking options to your website and allows clients to schedule and pay for services online. As it forms part of your Wix website, you can manage your business from any device with the Wix app (iOS and Android). 


Wix Booking Software Features 

Wix Bookings Software Feature Comparison Chart

With Wix Booking software, you can add online booking functions to your Wix-built website. In addition to offering flexible booking options, Wix scheduling software also lets you host online sessions via Zoom, offer memberships/package deals, and manage staff calendars. 

Features include: 

As the scheduling software integrates with your Wix website, you can choose from over 500 of their pre-designed templates to customize the look and functionality of your site. Wix scheduling features vary across plans and include useful functions like SMS and email booking reminders, waitlists, and custom booking forms. 

Wix scheduling users should note that the storage space on the basic plan is only 20GB. If you’re planning to include multiple images, videos, audio files, and documents to your site, you may need to upgrade or look at embedding via third-party sites. 

As flexible as the software is for those looking to add booking options to their website, that is primarily the extent of Wix Booking’s offerings. Businesses looking to schedule employees for related jobs, create and track timesheets, handle payroll, dispatch jobs, and more will need additional software subscriptions or one heavy-hitting software that’s capable of managing it all.

MarketBox is a flexible appointment management software solution that takes care of appointment booking and handles all other aspects of your business behind the scenes as well. And the best part is that it seamlessly integrates with your existing website, wherever you built it. Designed to support companies with mobile providers, MarketBox’s standard features like appointment scheduling, employee management, payroll, and invoicing come with extra on-the-go-friendly functionality. Additional features include time zone management, multi-territory pricing, integration with Stripe for payments in the field, support for virtual appointments, and more. If you’re looking to add online appointment booking options to your website, why settle for just the basics when you could fully optimize the running of your business at the same time? 

Wix Booking Pricing 

Wix Bookings Software Feature Comparison Chart

Wix Booking requires your Wix website to operate on a Business & eCommerce plan. Divided across three tiers, Wix Booking prices start at $20/month. As is common with most software providers, each plan upgrade unlocks more features, making the software more powerful. 

Much like Wix Booking, MarketBox offers a tiered pricing structure. However, the critical difference is that any plan can be scaled to accommodate unlimited users, letting you select the features that are important to your business. There’s no limit on storage, and features like payment processing, report downloads, booking management, and appointment notifications are available across all plans. 

Wix Booking Integrations 

Wix Booking is itself an integration for your Wix site. That being said, other integrations include:

  • QuickBooks, 
  • Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, and more 
  • Wix Video Maker 

Wix Booking Reviews 

Wix Booking Reviews (Capterra and G2 reviews)

As it’s an integration, Wix Booking does not have its own separate reviews on the major software review sites. (The data in the table above is for Wix as a whole.) However, the software does appear in the Wix App Market, where it commands a 3.7* rating. In general, users that like the Wix scheduling software still find that it’s missing one or two features that would really help their business. In addition, several reviews mention that they experienced issues with the booking button and checkout process, which resulted in lost sales.    

Looking for a flexible appointment scheduling software that does more than just the basics? Contact MarketBox for a personalized 1-on-1 demo to discover how our all-in-one software can help your business thrive.

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