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How to Schedule Employees For Mobile Appointments in 60 Seconds | MarketBox

How to Schedule Employees For Mobile Appointments in 60 Seconds

In short, scheduling software

Is that it? 

If you’re looking to make scheduling employees for mobile appointments easier, scheduling software is the best way to do it. So while yes, technically, we could finish the article here and call it a day, let’s dive into how the software makes it possible to schedule employees so quickly and some of the software’s benefits. 

5 ways scheduling software makes it possible to schedule employees for mobile appointments in 60 seconds 

  1. Scheduling software eliminates the need to sort through spreadsheets to assign jobs to employees. Instead, the software scans availability and travel zones to find the best person for the job instantly. (Or if your scheduling software has online booking functionality, your customers can choose their instructor, and the software updates their schedule accordingly.) 
  2. Employee scheduling apps create and send schedules automatically so you can put your scheduling on autopilot. If something changes with an upcoming job, the software will send updates to the service provider and customer affected for improved communication and less manual admin. 
  3. Scheduling software for mobile service businesses optimizes employee calendars to reduce travel time between mobile appointments. 
  4. MarketBox, the only scheduling software built specifically for mobile appointments, lets you create and manage travel zones to control when and where your team operates. The software then uses travel zones to show customers a filtered list of providers in the booking flow that meet their criteria (skills, location, availability) for the perfect match every time. 
  5. Scheduling software with integrated online booking enables you to provide fast, accurate responses to customer inquiries and instantly confirm bookings. 

Benefits of scheduling software for service businesses 

  1. Scheduling software allocates resources efficiently across job sites. 
  2. Employee scheduling apps reduce scheduling errors and ensure the right people are assigned jobs appropriate to their skill set, availability, and travel requirements.
  3. Business scheduling software improves customer satisfaction by providing a fast, convenient way to book service appointments online. 
  4. Scheduling software for service businesses increases productivity by automating recurring admin tasks, optimizing calendars, reducing travel time, and eliminating the need to create and send schedule updates. 
  5. Employee scheduling apps enhance communication between your team as employees receive schedule updates on their phones and can manage their bookings from anywhere. 
  6. Business scheduling software results in more accurate customer billing and payroll as employees can log hours automatically so your office team has all the information they need (and can store it for future reference). 
  7. Scheduling software with online payments eliminates the need to create, send, or chase customer invoices. It also offers a host of benefits for your mobile workforce too. 

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Final thoughts 

The answer to ‘how to schedule employees for mobile appointments’ is really as simple as choosing the right scheduling software. 

MarketBox is the first appointment management software specifically designed for businesses offering mobile appointments. The all-in-one platform makes it easy to schedule appointments, coordinate service providers, and process payments online. To find out how it can solve your scheduling problems, book a personalized demo with one of our experts. 

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