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How Digital Payments Affects Mobile Workers | MarketBox

How Collecting Payments Online Affects Your Mobile Workforce

The benefits of digital payments for your customers are clear; they’re more secure, convenient, faster, and their preferred payment method. But how does collecting payments online impact your employees — specifically mobile workers who service clients in-home? Let’s find out!

5 benefits of digital payments for the mobile workforce

collecting payments online | MarketBox

1. Digital payments offer security (and a paper trail)

When a business collects payments online, the customer, the provider, and the company know the service has been paid for. 

Digital payments eliminate the risk of mix-ups between clients and providers, or worse, a provider pocketing the fee and claiming the customer didn’t pay. Plus, online payments have a digital paper trail that makes it much easier to keep track of sales, pull reports, and process refunds if necessary. 

To make it even easier for your providers, it’s best to adopt an online-only payment process. If customers are uncomfortable paying upfront, look for a payment processing solution that lets you store credit card information and charge once a service is complete. 

2. Providers don’t have to carry cash or leave money in their vehicles 

One of the biggest benefits that digital payments offer mobile workers is added safety. By collecting payments online, your providers don’t need to carry cash which could make them a target for theft. 

And suppose your providers go from one job to another without returning to base. In that case, digital payments mean they don’t have to worry about leaving cash — sometimes in large amounts — in their vehicle while performing the next service either.

3. Digital payments eliminate the need for card machines or other PoS equipment  

Mobile employees who service clients in their homes must bring all the equipment needed to complete the service. Depending on your industry, this could result in many bulky items being transported to and from locations. 

Collecting payments online means providers don’t have to remember a card machine (or other Point of Sale equipment) in addition to everything else. It’s also more convenient as you don’t have to worry about a client’s home being in a signal dead spot that would prevent the card machine from working. 

4. Mobile workers have the flexibility to upsell services 

When a client’s payment information is stored online, your service providers can upsell services or offer upgrades without worrying about payments. Digital payments mean the additional service can be added to their invoice retroactively without inconveniencing the client for a smoother transaction.

5. Cashless tips mean providers never have to miss out 

Finally, another benefit of collecting payments online is that your providers never have to miss out on a tip because the client didn’t have cash. 64% of Americans don’t carry cash, meaning your providers could regularly miss out on the chance to be rewarded for their efforts.

Some payment software will offer a Cashless Tip feature, which allows customers to add a tip after the service is complete and have the payment charged to their card on file. It’s just one small way digital payments make life better for your mobile workforce.

If you’re looking to offer digital payments in your mobile service business, talk to us today to discover how MarketBox handles bookings, scheduling, payments, and more from one customizable platform.  

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