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4 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Field Service Management Software | MarketBox

4 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Field Service Management Software

Efficient field service management is essential for small businesses to master because it has a direct impact on 

By implementing effective field service management strategies, small businesses can optimize their field operations and stay ahead of the competition. The easiest way to do this is by implementing field service management software. But before we dive into the benefits of field service software, let’s take a quick look at what it actually is. 

What is field service management software? 

Businesses offering in-home and mobile appointments, such as home services businesses, use field service management software to manage and optimize their field service activities. Typically, the software includes features such as 

  • Employee scheduling and dispatching 
  • Inventory management
  • Job tracking 
  • Customer database 
  • Real-time communication channels between the office and field service technicians 

Some field service software, like MarketBox, even comes with advanced online booking options that allow customers to schedule their own appointments, choosing the time, location, and provider (if appropriate) for the job. 

Now let’s look at some of the many benefits of field service management software for small businesses. 

4 benefits of field service management software for small businesses 

benefits of field service management software

#1. Field service management software streamlines operations 

One of the biggest benefits of field service management software is that it streamlines operations, making it easier to run your business. For small businesses, in particular, field service software can significantly reduce admin responsibilities, freeing up team members to focus on other areas of the business, like customer service

The software automates employee scheduling and dispatching, so there’s no need to manually assign jobs to technicians or scan different schedules, availability, and travel zones to find the right employee. This saves your office team hours per week and reduces delays for customers, who can get instant answers to their service requests. 

In addition, field service software improves communication and coordination between field technicians and office staff because the software allows you to track jobs and send updates in real time. Alongside service tracking, the software often comes with automated time-tracking features that eliminate the need for manually tracking employee hours or paper timesheets.

Field service management software, like MarketBox, also automates invoicing, as customers can pay for services upfront or store their payment information to be charged once the job is complete. 

#2. Using software improves customer service

Small businesses can also use field service management software to improve customer service. Automated employee scheduling reduces scheduling delays and results in faster response times to customer requests. The algorithm also accurately pairs technicians to jobs, so customers always get the right person to perform their service. 

Furthermore, field service software offers error-free billing and makes creating and sending invoices faster, so customers don’t need to query invoices, and you don’t need to chase them! 

#3. Field service software increases productivity 

Using scheduling software to create and manage employee schedules is the easiest way to increase productivity. Field service management software optimizes schedules to reduce unnecessary downtime between jobs and avoid overscheduling, so your workforce can operate at maximum efficiency. 

Field service software also helps to minimize travel time between jobs by optimizing routes or allowing you to group service appointments into custom travel zones throughout your service areas. And the smart scheduling features improve technician allocation so you always have the right person assigned to the right jobs based on skills, location, and availability. 

#4. Field service management software reduces costs & saves money

Another benefit of field service management software for small businesses is its cost savings. 

Field service management software

  • Optimizes routes to save fuel and travel costs
  • Increases revenue through improved customer service and operational efficiencies 
  • Ensures resources and personnel are being used efficiently 
  • Eliminates wasted time in schedules, allowing for more appointments 

Why MarketBox is the best field service management software for small businesses 

MarketBox stands out amongst other field service management software because it’s designed for businesses and their customers. It’s the only all-in-one appointment management and field service software specifically created for companies offering in-home mobile appointments. The software makes it easy to get booked online, coordinate field service technicians, and get paid all in one place. 


  • Eliminates the much-hated “service windows” by allowing customers to choose specific times and dates during booking.
  • Allows customers to easily book recurring or packages of appointments for a convenient way to book regular service appointments 
  • Enables businesses to control when and where their team operates with custom travel zones and availability 
  • Uses advanced provider filtering to automatically assign jobs to the right technician or allow customers to choose their service provider based on their criteria 
  • Helps businesses stay competitive with location-specific pricing that lets you configure pricing by zipcode to compete with others in the area easily 
  • Increases revenue thanks to unique features and design choices that help capture more sales 

Book a personalized platform walkthrough with an expert today to see MarketBox in action and discover how it can benefit your business.

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