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What is Tutoring Software? | MarketBox

What is Tutoring Software?

Tutor software is designed to simplify the process of providing tutoring services and other academic assistance to students online and in person. Tutoring software allows tutors to automate online booking, payments, student progress tracking, and employee scheduling to free up time and resources across their business. 

Tutor software can have different features depending on its specific purpose, but standard features include 

  • Online booking and student registration tools 
  • Online payment processing 
  • Employee scheduling 
  • Data storage
  • Integrations with video conferencing software 

Additional features found in some tutoring software include 

  • Virtual classrooms 
  • Interactive whiteboards 
  • Content hubs to upload and store quizzes, presentations, worksheets, etc. 
  • Progress trackers 

Tutor software primarily acting as a student registration tool is unlikely to have these additional features. However, they can be added via integrations, allowing you to build a custom tech stack without compromising on functionality. 

5 key benefits of tutoring software

#1. Online tutoring software introduces flexible booking options your clients will love

Tutoring software’s in-built scheduling capabilities offer your clients a more flexible way to book. With an online booking calendar and real-time availability updates, students can easily schedule their tutoring sessions from their own devices at a time that suits them. 

With online booking software that runs 24/7, you never have to worry about missing out on a booking because your office hours don’t align with your client’s schedule. And since 94% of customers prefer to book online, introducing this popular booking method could help increase sales for your tutoring business too. 

#2. Digital payment options provide a convenient way to get paid for tutoring sessions 

With digital payment processing built into the online booking process, tutoring software makes it easy to get booked and get paid. There’s no need to chase invoices, balance unpredictable cash flow or worry about carrying cash or bulky POS machines to tutoring sessions. 

Some tutoring software, like MarketBox, even lets you add additional charges before, during, or after the appointment so you can retroactively invoice, upsell services, and get paid for your time. 

#3. Instant student-tutor matching speeds up customer response times and helps lock in more sales

Tutoring software eliminates the need to manually scan tutor availability, compare schedules, or work out travel zones whenever a new booking request comes in. Instead, the software automatically filters tutors by availability and instantly matches customers with the right tutor for their needs. By eliminating delays in the scheduling process, you can improve customer satisfaction and capture more sales in one go.

If you want instant matching but still want to give your tutors control over which students they take on, MarketBox’s provider confirmation feature allows you to do just that. With this feature enabled, booking requests are sent to tutors to accept or decline. If they don’t want the booking, the request is sent out to others with matching skills and availability so you don’t lose the sale. 

#4. Automated scheduling reduces errors, improves efficiency, and cuts down travel time 

Whether you offer tutoring sessions in-person or online, using tutoring software to schedule employees will eliminate scheduling errors. With real-time availability, you don’t have to worry about double bookings or assigning jobs to the wrong tutors, and you can rest easy knowing resources are allocated efficiently. 

For in-home tutoring businesses, scheduling software for tutors also helps to reduce travel time between mobile appointments by optimizing calendars and grouping bookings by location. This helps to cut costs and free up more time in tutors’ schedules for additional clients. 

#5. Client databases make it easy to store and access key student information

Keep track of your students’ key information, including learning progression, with a custom student database. Store and review important information such as contact details, emergency contacts, level of education, and area of focus in one easily accessible location. ‍

What makes MarketBox the best tutoring software for mobile tutors 

MarketBox is an intuitive appointment-scheduling software that automates all of the manual processes that come with running a tutoring business. The software has been specifically designed for in-home and mobile appointments and comes with a range of mobile workforce-friendly features that make offering in-home tutoring lessons a breeze. 

Features such as provider travel zones allow you to control how far your team travels and when they're available in specific locations. MarketBox’s intelligent booking flow uses this information to filter tutors so clients only ever see the options available to them for a perfect match every time. 

If you’re looking for tutoring software for your mobile tutoring business, MarketBox can help. Book a personalized demo today to learn more about this one-of-a-kind software that will change the way you teach.

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