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Learn more about tutoring software, the impacts it has, and why you shouldn't run your tutoring business without it.

7 Reasons Why You Need Tutoring Software

Whether you meet students in person or online, tutoring software is the cornerstone of a successful tutoring business. Let’s look at just some of the many benefits tutoring software offers and why you really shouldn’t run your business without it.

What is tutoring software? 

Tutoring software* streamlines essential processes like customer booking, tutor scheduling, payments, and more. The software allows you to automate scheduling, appointment reminders, and invoicing, making it easy to manage your business online. 

For businesses offering in-home tutoring sessions, the right tutoring software can take the stress out of scheduling appointments (and tutors) across multiple locations.

(*Note, tutoring software is sometimes called tutor management software, tutor scheduling software, etc.) 

7 Benefits of Online Tutoring Software

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1. Appointment software for tutors allows you to get bookings 24/7 

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring software is that it will enable you to offer online booking options on your website. Booking online is your clients’ preferred booking method, but the benefits are even greater from a business perspective. 

40% of bookings happen after business hours. Online booking means your business is open 24/7 and ready to capture any lead. You no longer have to answer the phone out of hours (or pay someone to do it for you), and you don’t have to worry about missing out on sales. 

2. Tutoring software makes it possible to collect payments online and get paid faster

Most tutoring software has integrated payment processing options that allow you to collect payments online. (If yours doesn’t, it might be time to look at a new one.) This means you get paid faster, have better control over your cash flow, and your employees don’t have to worry about managing money while trying to teach. 

What’s more, online payments open up new pricing flexibility for your business. Think

  • Packages 
  • Promo codes 
  • Recurring billing 
  • The ability to add additional charges for upsold services

For more on the benefits of collecting payments online, check out this article

3. Online booking is more convenient for your students and your team

70% of customers prefer to book and manage their appointments online. That’s because online booking offers more convenience — it can be done around the client’s schedule, not your business hours, and they can view all available times to find the one that works for them.

Not to mention, online booking often goes hand in hand with online payments, which offer a fast and secure way to pay for services. It’s clear to see why customers prefer to book online, but what about the impact online booking has on your team? 

Tutoring software makes it easy to organize tutor schedules, which can be one of the most time-consuming parts of running a tutoring business. The software also eliminates human error, so your team doesn’t have to spend time chasing down clients whose email was taken down incorrectly or who thought they booked at 2:15 and not 2:50! 

4. Tutor management software makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks 

Another way that tutor management software makes it easier to run your business is the software’s automation features. For example, by taking bookings online, your team no longer has to create and send invoices, order confirmations, or appointment reminders — it’s all taken care of automatically once a booking is confirmed. 

Similarly, once a booking is confirmed, the tutoring session is automatically added to the tutor’s schedule, and their availability is updated to avoid double bookings. Automations like these can save up to 32 hours a month and can have a huge impact on your business productivity.   

5. Online booking increases sales by 50% 

As we’ve discussed, booking tutoring appointments online enables you to take bookings 24/7. It’s also more convenient for customers and they’re preferred way to book and manage tutoring sessions. All of these factors (and the fact that 94% of people would consider switching to service providers offering online booking) mean you could see sales increase by 50% when you implement tutoring software into your business.

If that sounds like too much to handle given your current workload, don’t forget that the software streamlines your existing processes and optimizes your booking calendar so you and your team have more time to dedicate to your students. 

6. Tutoring software reduces no-shows 

Appointment reminders have been shown to reduce no-shows by up to 41%. When you’re looking for tutoring software for your business, make sure the option you’re considering has automated reminders as standard — it’ll be a huge time saver for you team! 

7. Accessing business insights and data is easier with online tutoring software 

When you manage your tutoring business online, it becomes much easier to pull data, reports, and key insights on all aspects of your business. Tutoring software enables you to quickly access data that will give you an overview of your business, from sales figures and provider acceptance rates, to refunds, additional charges, and more. 

If you’re looking for tutoring software, talk to us today to find out how MarketBox can help streamline your tutoring business. 

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