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How to Start Offering In-Home Tutoring Lessons | MarketBox

How to Start Offering In-Home Tutoring Lessons

Offering in-home tutoring lessons is a great way to diversify your tutoring business or bring in some extra income as a side hustle. They pair well with a virtual tutoring option and are a great fit for students who prefer to learn face-to-face. They’re also incredibly easy to set up and schedule when you have the right tools in place. 

If you’re looking to start offering in-home tutoring lessons, here are the five steps you need to take. 

#1. Get the right insurance 

In addition to standard business insurance, if you’re offering tutoring lessons in clients' homes, look for additional liability insurance that protects you against claims or lawsuits alleging property damage or negligence. While these situations are unlikely, you must be adequately protected if they do arise. 

If you’re unsure what types of insurance coverage you need, contact an insurance broker or small business advisor for professional advice. 

#2. Determine your lesson pricing 

The next step to offering in-home tutoring lessons is to decide how much you will charge for your services. 

The prices you charge for your tutoring sessions will depend on what other tutors in your area are charging and the age and complexity of the subject you’re teaching. Many tutors also charge a small premium for in-home lessons to cover the cost of traveling to the client’s location. 

To determine a competitive pricing strategy, look at other tutoring businesses in your area and answer the following questions. 

  1. Will you offer lessons in packages, with discounts for bulk bookings? 
  2. What age groups will you tutor? Will this impact your pricing? 
  3. How long will your tutoring sessions be? Will you charge by the hour, or are longer lessons discounted? 
  4. Will you offer group tutoring sessions? If so, are you charging by the student or by the group? 
  5. Will you offer additional services such as essay writing help?

#3. Choose a tutoring software that can support booking and scheduling mobile appointments 

Complex scheduling is the main reason many tutors shy away from offering in-home tutoring lessons. But with the right tutoring software, booking and scheduling mobile tutoring lessons is easy. 

MarketBox is the only appointment management software specifically designed for tutors offering in-home and mobile services. The all-in-one platform makes it easy to schedule in-home or virtual appointments, coordinate tutors, and process payments online. To find out more, book a personalized demo with an expert and see MarketBox in action. 

#4. Advertise your in-home tutoring lessons 

Once you’ve got your insurance, figured out your pricing, and got the infrastructure in place to handle your booking and scheduling, it’s time to advertise your in-home tutoring services. 

If you’re operating locally, post in local parent groups and ask local schools and/or universities if they have bulletin boards or newsletters you could advertise in. If you have the budget, running targeted local ads could also yield good results, and it’s always worth spending time setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile and SEO optimizing your website

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#5. Put together lesson plans and study materials 

The last step to offering in-home tutoring sessions is to put together the lesson plans and study materials you’ll need to provide your students with a high-quality service. While these should be customized to suit the individual needs of your students, creating a basic lesson plan you can build on for each subject or age you’ll teach is a great starting point that will save you time in the long run. 

You could also consider creating study materials that you offer students to add extra value or capture contact information on your website that you can use for marketing purposes. 

5 Advantages of In-home Tutoring Lessons

#1. In-home tutoring sessions are more convenient for parents and students 

Having a tutor come to your home — in person or virtually — is more convenient than traveling to the tutoring center, especially for the student’s parents. While their child is having the tutoring lesson, parents are free to get on with other tasks at home rather than having to wait around for the lesson to finish. 

In-home tutoring sessions can also be booked around the customer's schedule, allowing them more flexibility in their day.   

#2. One-to-one tutoring lessons can be completely personalized to the student 

Another benefit of in-home tutoring lessons for students is that they can be completely customized to their needs. With one-to-one tutoring, students learn at their own pace, and tutors can adapt lesson plans to go over certain topics in more detail if necessary. 

#3. Start-up costs and overheads are minimal for in-home tutoring lessons 

One of the biggest advantages of offering in-home tutoring lessons for new tutors is the low start-up and ongoing costs. Since there are no costs associated with renting or maintaining a tutoring center, tutors can start offering in-home lessons with little to no upfront investment (aside from insurance). 

#4. In-home tutoring lessons are easy to fit around your schedule 

In-home tutoring is a great option for people looking to bring in some extra income. With tutoring software like MarketBox, you can set up custom availability around your other commitments and let customers schedule lessons that fit your and their schedules. 

#5. In-home tutoring allows students to learn face-to-face in a comfortable, familiar environment 

Finally, in-home tutoring lessons have one big advantage that no other form of tutoring offers — the opportunity to learn face-to-face in a comfortable, familiar environment. It’s easier to learn new skills when you feel at ease with your environment, so for students looking to master a challenging subject, studying at home on the couch might just be the change they need to make a breakthrough. 

If you’re ready to start offering in-home tutoring lessons, book a demo to learn how MarketBox can help you set up and scale your tutoring business today. 

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