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What is Service Dispatch Software? | MarketBox

What is Service Dispatch Software?

Service dispatch software is used by service-based businesses to manage and streamline their dispatching operations. The software helps companies efficiently manage service requests and handle the scheduling and dispatching of service providers. 

Service dispatch software (sometimes called field service dispatch software)  is commonly used by companies in industries such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), plumbing, electrical services, pest control, field services, and more. 

Service dispatch software features 

  • Service request management — The software captures and organizes customer service requests through manual entry, integrations with other systems, or as with MarketBox, directly from customers using the online booking system. 
  • Scheduling and dispatching — Field service dispatch software helps businesses assign and track service appointments, dispatch technicians based on availability, skills, and location, and optimize routes to minimize travel time and costs. 
  • Job tracking — Dispatch service software can also help businesses monitor the progress of service jobs, track technicians’ locations, and provide real-time updates on job statuses. 
  • Customer communication — Besides sharing schedules with employees, service dispatch software can also be used to communicate with customers, send appointment reminders, expected technician arrival times, and general service updates. 
  • Service technician management — The software helps service-based businesses manage employees by maintaining a digital database of technicians, their skills, certifications, and availability. Some software also includes features for managing work orders, inventory, and equipment. 
  • Reporting and analytics — Service dispatch software can be used to generate reports on service provider performance, productivity, customer satisfaction, and other key metrics to help service-based businesses analyze their operations and make informed decisions. 


Key benefits of service dispatch software

Online booking calendar

Service dispatch software’s online booking calendar enables businesses to offer more flexible booking options. Clients can schedule appointments in their own time, and with real-time availability updates, you don’t have to worry about double-booking. 

Streamlined scheduling options 

With service dispatch software, scheduling employees just got easier. Create and share daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, review time-off requests, and log employee hours for a more streamlined approach to employee management. 

Travel time management 

Service dispatch software’s travel time management features are a lifesaver for businesses with mobile workforces. Select employees based on location, experience, or availability, plan routes, factor in travel time, and dispatch employees within the platform for a professional service every time. 

Automated appointment alerts

Make sure clients are there when you need them with automated appointment reminders. Send email and text message alerts about upcoming appointments, travel delays, or changes to the schedule without any manual input to reduce admin

In-built billing and invoicing capabilities  

Field service dispatch software makes creating and sending invoices, tracking upcoming expenses, processing payments, and automating overdue bill reminders easy. These payment features help service-based businesses manage cash flow more effectively and reduce admin.  

What makes MarketBox the best service dispatch software 

It streamlines scheduling and eliminates admin stress

MarketBox’s intelligent scheduling and project management features make it easy to assign jobs, dispatch crews, optimize travel routes, and receive real-time updates wherever you’re working. When it comes to handling admin, MarketBox lets you create and send invoices, process payments, and track outgoings, all without leaving the platform. 

It offers flexible online booking options designed for a mobile workforce

MarketBox’s flexible online booking calendar lets clients schedule their own appointments, choosing the time and location for the service. (If needed, you can also set it up so customers can choose who performs the service.) The ability to create travel zones helps you control when and where your team operates and enables clients to book the nearest technician without picking up the phone.

If you are looking for service dispatch software for your business, MarketBox can help. Book a personalized demo to learn more. 

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