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Business Software Examples to Implement in Your Service Business Today | MarketBox

Business Software Examples to Implement in Your Service Business Today

Whether you’re taking your business online for the first time or looking to add some new software to simplify business admin, it can be hard to know what business software to prioritize — especially when budgets are small. Here are just a few ideas that will help reduce your workload to get you started. 

Business Software and Digital Technologies You Need ASAP

#1. Online Booking/Scheduling Software

Online booking is the number one preferred way to book service appointments, whether that’s a haircut or a garage door service. Implementing online booking capabilities into your website (or social media pages) is an easy way to boost revenue between 34-125%. Don't believe me? Check out this article about all the ways online booking can help grow your sales.

#2. eCommerce Infrastructure‍

As of January 2021, 59.5% of the global population uses the internet. So when it comes to finding an audience for your product or service, it’s a good place to start.

Adding online shopping options is a fantastic way to reach more/new people or give existing customers a more convenient way to buy from your business, whatever you're selling. Remember that eCommerce is more than just selling though; it also means taking payments online, so any business can benefit from adding eCommerce infrastructure to their website.

#3. Digital Employee Scheduling

Whether your workforce is in the office, fully remote, mobile, or a combination of the above, creating and sharing employee schedules can take hours. Digital scheduling software can take the headache out of this recurring and inescapable task and improve efficiency within your business in minutes. 

Easily create and edit schedules, or let your booking calendar create them for you, and share individual schedules with your employees at the click of a button. Employee scheduling software like MarketBox gives employees the chance to personalize their schedule and block out time, customize availability by day of the week, and set travel zones for mobile appointments. What could be easier than that?

#4. Online Payroll and Virtual Timesheets 

If you’re looking to reclaim up to 32 hours a month, moving your payroll and timesheets online is the way to go. For businesses employing staff by the hour/day, it can have an even bigger impact as digital timesheets can be easily dropped into your payroll software of choice without any extra admin.

MarketBox takes things one step further and eliminates timesheets altogether by logging hours in real-time, so there isn’t even digital paperwork to deal with. With all the information you need at your disposal, you can pick a payroll schedule that works for your business and ensure employees are paid on time and in full, every time.

Are you looking to implement digital technologies into your mobile service business? MarketBox is the #1 appointment management software for businesses offering in-home and mobile appointments. The all-in-one software makes it easy to get booked online, coordinate employee schedules, process payments, and more from one platform. Book a personalized platform walkthrough to see it in action today.

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