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What is Janitorial Software? | MarketBox

What is Janitorial Software?

Ready to clean out the competition? With janitorial software, and powerful features such as online booking capabilities, effortless employee management, and direct billing, your company will be ready to tackle even the biggest messes!

Key Benefits of Janitorial Software 

Custom Client Database

Store all your clients’ important data in one easily accessible place with a custom client database. Organize contact information, billing addresses, specific requests, and project notes into a filing system that makes sense to you and your employees. 

In-built finance tracking 

Take charge of the company finances with janitorial software’s in-built billing and invoice capabilities. Track upcoming expenses, create and send client invoices, process payments, and set automated alerts for overdue bills. 

Online booking options 

Introduce some flexibility into your booking process with the software’s online booking calendar. Allow clients to schedule their own appointments at a time that suits them, and with real-time availability updates, you don’t have to worry about double bookings. You can even set individual availability for employees, so clients get the service they’re after every time.

Automated appointment reminders 

Avoid unexpected downtime and missed appointments with automated appointment alerts. Send email and text message alerts about upcoming appointments, changes to the schedule, regularly scheduled maintenance, or travel-related delays. 

Online scheduling options 

Easily schedule employees for upcoming jobs and ensure everyone knows when and where to be with janitorial software and the accompanying app. Allow employees to submit time-off requests, log hours, and factor in travel time to jobs easily within the platform. 

Digital project management tools

With janitorial software, project managing just got a whole lot easier. Review and plan current or upcoming projects, make notes, receive real-time progress updates, set timelines, and send notes or reminders to employees in the field through the app. 

Why MarketBox is the Best Janitorial Software 

With MarketBox’s powerful business management tools, you can spend less time on admin and more time providing superior services to your clients. 

Online booking is optimized for mobile workforces

The powerful software allows you to assign travel zones to employees so clients can book the nearest janitor to them. With the ability to optimize travel routes, MarketBox helps your mobile workforce deliver a fast and efficient service every time. And, with automated appointment reminders as standard, you can be confident that clients will be there to give you access when you arrive. 

It streamlines scheduling 

When it comes to managing a mobile workforce, MarketBox stands head and shoulders above the competition. The in-built scheduling and project management features across the desktop and mobile app make it easy to assign jobs, dispatch crews, optimize travel routes, and receive real-time updates wherever you’re working.

You can offer package deals and repeat bookings

The software’s online booking calendar allows clients to schedule appointments in their own time and features real-time availability updates to prevent double booking. The flexibility of the software means it’s just as easy to book a single appointment as it is to schedule a recurring service, offering your clients the convenience of booking multiple appointments in one go.

It makes handling your business's finances easier

Once the job is done, the software’s integrated finance features make invoicing clients, processing payments, managing payroll, and tracking outgoings simple and straightforward. With the mobile app, staff members can mark the job as completed, and the software automatically logs their hours, eliminating the need for individual timesheets.

If you are looking for janitorial software for your business, MarketBox can help. Our fully scalable solution takes the stress out of managing your business, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Book a 1-on-1 demo today to discover how MarketBox can help you wipe away the competition.

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