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9 Mobile Business Ideas to Start in 2023 | MarketBox

9 Mobile Business Ideas to Start in 2023

If you’ve ever uttered, “I want to start a business but have no ideas,” then you’re in luck. There’s never been a better time to start a mobile business; the lower start-up costs and consumer preferences for in-home appointments make it the perfect option for someone looking to start a business in 2023. 

But before we dive into the list of mobile service business ideas to start this year, let’s quickly look at what we mean by “mobile service business.”

What is a mobile service business? 

A mobile service business provides services in a client’s chosen location, i.e., a client’s home or place of work. It does not operate from a permanent business address and does not have a business location clients can visit. 

If a service business offers mobile/in-home appointments in addition to operating out of a fixed location, it is considered a hybrid service business. 

What are the benefits of starting a mobile service business

Many “traditional” service businesses are choosing to switch to a hybrid operating model (or go fully mobile) as customer demands change. Here are just some of the benefits a mobile business offers. 

1. Mobile service businesses have lower startup costs

Because a mobile business doesn’t have to rent physical space to operate out of, there are fewer overheads involved in starting the business. The equipment needed to perform the service must be purchased, but things like furniture, renters insurance, utilities, etc., are bypassed. 

2. You can target a wider customer base 

If you or your service providers are prepared to travel, there’s little to no limit on the number of potential customers your business has. However, suppose you operate out of a fixed location, like a hair salon. In that case, you’re limiting your potential customer base to the number of people who live within a certain radius. 

3. Mobile businesses can be easily scaled

Mobile service businesses lend themselves to easy expansion. Since you’re not tied to a physical location, if you identify new areas to operate in (e.g., new cities, states, countries, etc.), you just need to hire service providers in those locations, equip them with the tools to do the job, and you’re good to go. 

For businesses with a fixed location, the process is slower and more cost-intensive as you need to find new spaces to rent and take on all the new costs that come with it. 

Mobile business ideas to start this year 

Mobile Salon Services 

If you have experience cutting hair, an esthetician’s license or a talent for intricate nail art setting up a mobile salon service and offering in-home beauty appointments could be a lucrative business idea. 

It doesn’t require much equipment, so financial requirements are low. And the convenience of having these routine appointments in your home is practically priceless (although don’t forget to factor travel costs into your pricing!). 

Mobile Swim School 

If you love to swim, setting up a mobile swim school and offering lessons in the client’s pool is a flexible, rewarding business idea that you can fit around your current job or run full-time. 

Demand for swim lessons is largely seasonal (depending on your location) but requires no upfront costs as your clients do all the pool maintenance. All you need is the right insurance, and you’re set.

Again, depending on your location, official swim teaching qualifications are required. Regardless, you will be expected to have first aid and lifeguard certificates, which are relatively inexpensive to acquire. 

Mobile Tutor 

If you’ve ever been told that you’d make a great teacher (or already are one and want to bring in some extra income), offering personal tutoring lessons could be the mobile business idea for you. The best part about starting a tutoring business is you don’t even have to travel if you don’t want to; you can operate 100% online. 

Generally speaking, you don’t need specific qualifications to become a personal tutor apart from a high-school degree (or equivalent) and knowledge in your chosen area. You can specialize in particular subjects, offer services like university essay guidance, or take a generalized approach and cover a wide range of topics depending on the client’s requirements. 

Mobile Pet Grooming 

If you’re an animal lover, starting a mobile pet grooming business that services clients in their humans' homes is the perfect mobile business idea. 

Many mobile pet groomers will work out of a van that is kitted out with all the tools needed for the job, e.g., showers, hair dryers, clippers, etc. Alternatively, you could use a client’s facilities depending on how much money you have to sink into your business.

In the pet community, reputation is everything, so if you start to get a name for yourself, you could see your business take off. 

Mobile Laundry Service 

Mobile laundry services are popping up everywhere as a way to outsource one of the most hated chores (which can be time-consuming for time-poor people). A little different from the other mobile business ideas on the list, mobile laundry services involve picking up and dropping off laundry (with cleaning in between) rather than performing the service at the client’s location. 

Still, if you’re handy with an iron and good at removing tough stains, this is a mobile business idea that your clients will love you for! 

Mobile Auto Detailing Service

No one likes to sit awkwardly in a sterile waiting room while someone cleans their car, replaces their oil, or does whatever else cars need doing. 🤷‍♀️ Having it done in the convenience of your home while you’re free to do whatever you want that’s another story.

Mobile auto detailing services are the ideal mobile business for anyone passionate about cars. With few overhead costs besides the cleaning equipment, they’re inexpensive to set up and easily scaled. 

Mobile Veterinary Service 

Granted, you need to be a qualified vet to start a mobile veterinary business, but if you are, then a traveling vet practice is easier to set up than a physical practice. Alternatively, branching out into mobile vet appointments is a great way to offer clients of your veterinary practice more convenience. 

Mobile Massage Therapy 

Getting stuck in traffic on the way back from your massage appointment is a surefire way to counteract the relaxation benefits of a good massage. That’s why there’s been a significant uptake in people searching for in-home massage appointments. 
Whether you already offer massages from a fixed location or want to try your hand at something new, offering in-home massages is a great business idea to consider. Outside of massage therapist training, set-up costs are low as the only equipment required is the massage table and some body oils. 

Mobile Personal Trainer

Last on our list, in-home personal training offers clients the convenience of training in their own homes and avoids crowded gym environments. If you’re a certified personal trainer or looking to get your qualifications, starting a mobile personal training business is a flexible and rewarding business idea to consider. 

Once you have your PT qualification, you just need the equipment you’ll use to train people, making it a cost-effective mobile business to start. 

Tips for running a successful mobile service business

The biggest hurdle people face when trying to launch or grow a mobile service business is dealing with travel logistics. Since you’re not operating from a fixed location, scheduling appointments (and employees as you grow) can be tricky if you’re not using the right software.

MarketBox is the #1 sales and scheduling software designed specifically for mobile service businesses. The software handles your online booking, provider scheduling, travel logistics, payments, and more, so you can focus on your clients. Visit our website or book a demo with the team to learn more. 

Want to learn more about starting your own mobile business? Check out our article “How to Start a Service Business: 6 Steps to Take.

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