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Who Is MarketBox For?

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Car Detailing Businesses

If you're in the business of making vehicles look good, then you need a website and business operation that's as polished as your service. MarketBox makes it easy to integrate online booking options into your existing website, offer quotes for custom jobs, and maintain client relationships all from your computer or phone.

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Auto-Repair Businesses

Whether it's a check engine light, a dinged door, or something a little more major, help ease the stress for your clients with the right car detailing software. Take secure payments online via Stripe and use Travel Zones and route optimizations to offer fast, at-home services for those easy fixes.

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Tire Shops

When you only see your customers every 50,000 miles, it's vital to leave a good impression. A custom client database makes storing information for faster checkouts easier, while automated appointment reminders ensure your customers are never left driving on unsafe tires.

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Oil Change Stations

Help clients stay on top of their car maintenance with recurring booking options. With MarketBox's flexible eCommerce booking flow, customers can schedule their oil changes for the year in one go and receive automated reminders when their appointment is due.

Introduce flexible online booking

Allow customers to book services on their schedule with 24/7 online booking options.

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    Reduce strain on staff
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    Offer virtual consultations or at-home appointments for ultimate flexibility
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    Automatically sync your booking calendar and employee schedules
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Automate appointment reminders

Help customers stay on top of their car maintenance and avoid unnecessary downtime or lost revenue with automated appointment reminders.

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    Help clients manage their schedules
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    Send reminders via SMS or email
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    Reduce downtime and optimize your booking calendar
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Simply your invoicing with MarketBox

Give providers more control of their schedules

With the ability to accept or reject bookings, customize availability, and set travel zones, your employees can have more control over when and where they work.

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    Allow providers to accept or reject job requests
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    Set travel zones for mobile appointments
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    Keep providers updated on schedule charges via the app
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Tutor mobile app

Find the right software for your team.

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capture tutoring bookings with MarketBox

40% of bookings happen outside of traditional business hours.

Is your business prepared to capture these bookings?
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MarketBox FAQ

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