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Industries for Service Scheduling Software

What Industries Can Use Service Scheduling Software for Mobile Workers?

Service Scheduling Software

There are many benefits to using service scheduling software for businesses with mobile workers. Many industries can use this type of software as opposed to doing scheduling manually or trying to use a software that doesn't fit with the type of business they're operating.

Manual scheduling can be frustrating for both the mobile worker and their clients. This can result in loss of sales and unhappy workers.

If your business has mobile workers, then this type of software can help to ensure your workers have all of their appointments scheduled within a specific travel zone that works best for them and the customer. This means your customers can book their appointments instantly and with confidence. 

From the point of view of a business, using service scheduling software is also beneficial because most of the time the business is doing the scheduling themselves and has to determine who to staff to a specific job.

Ultimately, using this software can result in a more efficient business, increase productivity, increase revenue and sales, increase fuel efficiency, improve employee engagement and lead to happier customers (who doesn’t want that?). 

If you’re not sure if your business can use service scheduling software, here are a variety of industries that can benefit from using software for mobile workers:

At Home Health Care

At home health care services are becoming increasingly necessary and popular. People need critical care immediately and in the comfort of their own home. These services can involve anything from bedside care, medication assistance, physical therapy and more. For those with at home health care service businesses, service scheduling software will allow your mobile health clinic workers to set their travel zones and availability.

Then using the software features the business’ customer service team can book appointments on behalf of older customers and easily see which provider is the best fit for each customer, based on skill set, personality and geographical location.

Some at home health care even allow their clients to book themselves, or have a family member to go online and book on their behalf. Examples of at home health care businesses include: mobile chiropractor, mobile physiotherapy clinic, mobile doctor medical clinic, at home personal support workers, in home nurse, and in home caretaker.

Mobile Beauty Services

The beauty service industry is growing rapidly. According to the beauty industry growth statistics, the number of employees in the service segment of the industry is expected to increase by 10% for barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists.

Service Scheduling Software - Mobile Beauty Services

Mobile beauty service businesses have estheticians or technicians that can travel to their clients homes. In order to increase business efficiencies, by leveraging service scheduling software it will allow your mobile beauty team to set their travel zone and availability.

Then using the software your customers can schedule their mobile beauty service appointments instantaneously at their own leisure. The software will only display workers who are willing to travel in that area and will instantly show each workers availability.

This software is also a valuable tool for your customer service reps who book customers for appointments when they email or call your business.  For customers using the booking software, it can help them choose the service provider that is the right fit for the appointment. They can easily read the bios of the mobile beauty service workers and view pictures of their work.

For example, a makeup artist may post pictures of her makeup portfolio on different clients.  Examples of mobile beauty service businesses include: mobile beauty salon, mobile makeup artists, mobile nail salon, mobile waxing service, mobile lash tech, mobile hair stylist, mobile haircutting service, mobile manicure service, mobile pedicure service, mobile waxing service and more. 

Mobile Massage Therapists

Massage therapy is a growing industry with about 62% of doctors recommending their patients see a registered massage therapist (RMT). Since stress levels continue to be on the rise, many people are in dire need of more relaxation time.

Service Scheduling Software - Mobile Massage Therapists

However, many people prefer at home massages as opposed to going to a spa or clinic to receive treatment. Mobile massage can be ideal for many individuals because of the feeling of comfort that their home provides them not to mention the convenience of not having to drive to the massage therapist or spa.

For mobile massage therapy businesses that travel to their clients to give them an at home massage, service scheduling software can be extremely helpful. The software will allow your massage therapists to set their travel zone and availability.

Then using the software your clients can schedule their appointments with their mobile massage therapists instantaneously at their own leisure. The entire process is stress free and seamless. 

Mobile Music Lessons

The demand for mobile music lessons is growing. Younger children and those with busy schedules want to learn to play instruments in the comfort of their own homes. To meet this demand, in-home music lessons are a great option.

Service Scheduling Software - Mobile Music Lessons

If you have a mobile music lessons business then using service scheduling software can be helpful. Customers can choose the right fit of instructor for them based on the instructor's bios. The software will allow your music teachers to set their travel zone and availability. Then using the software your clients can schedule their lessons instantaneously when it’s convenient for them.

They can service specific areas to provide various music lessons such as guitar, piano, violin, vocal and more. By doing so, music teachers can schedule more appointments in a day with less travel time involved to reach that clients home, thus increasing fuel efficiency and reducing the wear and tear of your music teacher’s vehicle. 

Mobile Personal Trainer

The New York Times reported that in spite of the economic doom and gloom, the personal training industry is one of the fastest-growing North American occupations. From 2001 to 2011 the number of personal trainers in the United States grew by 44% with demand increasing as people become increasingly health conscious.

Service Scheduling Software - Mobile Personal Trainer

For individuals with busy schedules the option of having a personal trainer at home, affords them convenience that going to a gym can’t. They can work towards their fitness goals in the privacy of their own homes with a mobile personal trainer. While also avoiding the need to spend money on a gym membership.

If you have a mobile personal trainer business  then using a service scheduling software can be helpful. Customers can see which trainers can travel to their location as well as their available times and pricing. The software will allow your mobile personal trainers to set their travel zone and availability.

Then using this software your clients can schedule appointments for mobile personal trainers to come to their homes when it’s convenient for them. Beyond mobile personal trainers, other examples of businesses that benefit from service scheduling software are mobile yoga instructors and mobile pilates instructors.   

Home Services Businesses

Home services businesses help homeowners with the maintenance of their property. If you have a home services business then service scheduling software can be useful to increase the efficiency of your mobile team.

Service Scheduling Software - Home Services Businesses

The software will allow your mobile team to set travel zones and service clients within that zone. Your clients can schedule their home service appointments instantaneously using the software.

This can lead to more appointments in a day with less travel time involved to reach each clients home. Thus increasing fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear of vehicles.

Home services businesses include: plumbers, electricians, house cleaning services, snow removal, pest control, handyman, landscaping, appliance repair, and carpet cleaning.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn care services maintain their popularity as many homeowners don’t have the time or desire to do lawn maintenance themselves.

Service Scheduling Software - Lawn Care Services

Types of people who need lawn care services:

- homeowners are frequently out of town on business

- retirees who don’t want to do their own lawn care maintenance anymore

- “snowbirds” with winter homes in warmer climates

Many other types of people simply want to hand over their lawn care to reliable professionals, hiring an expert in lawn care maintenance can be the solution to their problem.

If you have a lawn care services business, then service scheduling software can be useful for managing your team. The software will allow your each worker to set their travel zone and availability.

Then your internal staff can coordinate and schedule appointments with future clients based on this information. Using this software your clients can schedule their lawn care appointments instantaneously when it’s convenient for them. 

Ready to get started?

We’ve listed many industries that can use service scheduling software for mobile workers to increase efficiency and productivity in their business. The variety of industries may be surprising, but in reality, any business that has mobile workers will benefit from using service scheduling software to manage their employees and customers.

The software can allow clients to schedule and book their appointments  instantly and with confidence. Prior to the client scheduling the appointment, the each worker will set their travel zone and availability in advance.

This leads to less back and forth communication between your team and the client to determine an ideal appointment time. Also, if the client needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment they can easily do that using the software.

No shows can lead to a loss in revenue for your business, also when travelling workers must travel to distant areas for appointments this can cause them to be late for subsequent appointments and earn less money due to spending too much time in their car and not enough time providing their service.

The service scheduling software will ensure travel zones are optimized and appointments are closeby. Lastly, route optimization will lead to increased fuel efficiency and reduce the wear and tear of vehicles. 

Book your MarketBox demo today and see how service scheduling software can benefit your company.

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