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8 Business Spring Cleaning Tasks to Do Right Now | MarketBox

8 Business Spring Cleaning Tasks to Do Right Now

As we approach the middle of the year, here are eight business spring cleaning tasks to do right now — although there’s never a bad time to do them. 

#1. Review & update business goals 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting business goals is adopting a “set it and forget it” mindset. In other words, they do the work upfront of setting goals and then never check in on progress until the end of the year when it’s too late. 

You should do a business goal review every month, or at least quarterly, to monitor progress towards your goals and identify roadblocks. It’s also important to remember that business goals aren’t set in stone. If part way through the year, you decide a goal no longer aligns with your overall business strategy or is too ambitious/not ambitious enough, you can change and adapt them to suit your needs better. 

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#2. Organize digital files (or digitize paper files)

Another key business spring cleaning task to undertake regularly is organizing and backing up your digital files. If you’re still running your business surrounded by heaps of paperwork, now is also a good time to start digitizing essential files so they’re easier to find and distribute when necessary.

If you store your files directly on your computer, back them up onto a hard drive or into the cloud so you don’t lose them if something goes wrong. Alternatively, upload files to a digital storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox so you can access files from anywhere.

#3. Review & update financial records 

One business spring cleaning task you’ll be glad you stayed on top of, especially come tax season, is regularly reviewing and updating your financial records. Check for anomalies, any duplicate payments, or subscriptions/expenses that could be eliminated, and make sure you’re keeping detailed records of outgoings, payroll, etc.

#4. Evaluate & update business policies/procedures

When was the last time you reviewed your business’s policies and procedures? It’s essential to check in on policies and procedures regularly to ensure they stay aligned with your company’s culture and industry standards (as well as best practices). 

Areas to review include

  • Refund and cancellation policies for customers 
  • Rescheduling policies 
  • Employee expectations 
  • PTO request procedures
  • Corporate bonus allocation
  • Overtime rules/expectations 

#5. Evaluate customer communication channels 

Another area that often gets overlooked by businesses is customer communication channels. How can customers get in touch today, and does that still align with customer preferences? 

If you only have a phone number, it’s time to look at adding online booking options and the ability to contact you via email. Consider too, how many communication channels you run. It can be easy to fall into the trap of having every possible communication option available to try and please all customers. However, if you don’t have the resources to monitor these channels regularly, you’ll end up with slow response times that lead to a negative customer experience

Look at how frequently your different communication channels are being used and decide if any could be eliminated to provide a better experience for the majority of your customers.

#6. Review customer service practices 

Speaking of customer experience, another important business spring cleaning task to complete is a review of your customer service practices. In addition to monitoring your business’s online reputation, number of reviews, and resolution rate for customer complaints, review what happens when a customer complains/leaves a negative review. 

Your customer service team should know how to handle a range of common customer service issues, so consider increasing the frequency of your CS training to maintain a high standard of customer service. 

#7. Review marketing strategies

Another important business spring cleaning task to complete is a review of your marketing strategy. 

  • If you set revenue goals at the beginning of the year, is your current marketing strategy helping you to achieve them? 
  • Are there new trends or platforms you could take advantage of to increase your visibility amongst your target audience? 
  • Does your current messaging still align with where your business is?
  • If you’re running paid ads, are they converting at the rate you want? Does the ad spend need to be increased/decreased? 

#8. Audit your tech stack 

The final business spring cleaning task you should do is audit your tech stack. What software are you using to run your business? Is it still the best option out there for your business, or is there something that can be tailored to your needs? 

As part of this spring cleaning task, check for overlapping subscriptions or opportunities to combine multiple software into an all-in-one tool. If you’re running separate online booking and employee scheduling software, this is a prime example of something that could be condensed into an all-in-one tool like MarketBox without losing out on functionality. 

Final thoughts 

Complete these eight business spring cleaning tasks, and you’ll be well on your way to a more streamlined business. Don’t forget that there’s never a wrong time to review your policies, procedures, and best practices; all the tasks on this list should be done regularly for the best results. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how MarketBox can fit into your tech stack, book a call with the team

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