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Mindbody Software Pricing and Reviews 2022 | MarketBox

Mindbody Software Pricing and Reviews 2022

Mindbody Overview

Mindbody is an all-in-one software that aids in the management of fitness, salon, spa, and integrative health businesses. It is one of the few business management software specifically tailored to the wellness industry. Plans start at $139/month and include class scheduling and client data storage. All plans also allow you to list your business on the general customer-facing Mindbody app, which clients can use to discover and book your services.

Mindbody Software Features

Mindbody Software Feature Comparison Chart

Mindbody promises to help you deliver “amazing client experiences” and includes all the usual features you’d expect from a class management software. Designed with the wellness industry in mind, the software aims to simplify day-to-day admin, streamline class scheduling, and help boost marketing efforts. 

Features include:

  • Class scheduling
  • Online booking
  • Class waitlists 
  • Automated time tracking for payroll 
  • CRM 

One of the selling points of Mindbody is that it allows users to list their business and services on the Mindbody app. This app enables clients to find locations/services, read reviews, and sign up for classes and appointments from their phone, and boasts 1.3 million monthly active users. However, businesses looking to create their own apps will need to opt for the Accelerate plan or above, and even then, it's an add-on for an (undisclosed) additional price.

While Mindbody boasts a comprehensive list of features, some users may find the Starter and Accelerate plans too restrictive. In order to access useful features like automated email and text marketing, client review requests, and mobile-friendly booking, you’ll need to upgrade to the ultimate plan ($499/month). For businesses looking for a feature-heavy software even on the most basic plan, MarketBox offers a solution. The flexible field service software takes care of your business’s needs, enabling you to offer online booking, schedule instructors, manage payroll, and more, all in one platform. As an added bonus, features like payment processing, report downloads, booking management, and appointment notifications are available across all plans. 

Whats more, MarketBox has been built to support multiple business structures, including fully-mobile businesses. For fitness studios, salons, or spas offering at-home services, MarketBox plans include a number of features that make managing a mobile business easier.  All the standard features that you’d expect from a complete FSS come with extra on-the-go-friendly functionality. Additional features include travel zone management, multi-territory pricing, integration with Stripe for payments in the field, support for virtual appointments, and more.

Mindbody Pricing 

Mindbody Pricing

Mindbody splits its pricing across four different plans, depending on the features that you need. All plans include access to 1-on-1 setup, business education resources, data migration support, and Mindbody App listing. However, as we’ve briefly touched on, some users may find the included features in both the Starter and Accelerate plans too restrictive. To really get the most out the software, including access to automation features to save time on day-to-day tasks, users will need to upgrade to the Ultimate plan, starting at $499/month. 

Similar to Mindbody, MarketBox offers a tiered pricing structure that unlocks different levels of features depending on your plan. However, all plans include access to the automation and reporting features needed to streamline business management. Any plan can be scaled to accommodate unlimited users so it’s simply a case of selecting which features your business needs and starting the onboarding process. A personalized 1-on-1 demo is available if you need any assistance, or simply take advantage of the free trial to discover how MarketBox can help your business today. 

Mindbody Integrations 

Mindbody integrates with a number of partner software, including: 

  • Groupon 
  • Google Calendar
  • ClassPass (premier) 
  • StudioHop
  • Gympass (premier) 

Mindbody Reviews 

Mindbody Reviews (Capterra and G2 reviews)

Mindbody receives mixed reviews across the major software review sites, with many users unimpressed by the quality of customer service. On the whole, reviewers like the scope of offerings from Mindbody, but reviews frequently mention a lack of onboarding, difficulty setting up customizable options, and “buggy features”. 


Are you looking for flexible field service software for your business? Contact MarketBox for a personalized 1-on-1 demo to find out how our software can help your business thrive. It’s time to take things to the next level.

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