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Mobile Worker Driving to Job Using Service Job Scheduling Software

8 Benefits of Service Job Scheduling Software for Mobile Workers

What is service job scheduling software?

Service job scheduling software is a tool that helps manage your service business’ appointments. Using this platform your customers can schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments with your mobile workers.

Now if you’re wondering how mobile workers fit into the picture, these are the people who provide the services your business offers. What makes them mobile is that these workers typically travel to people’s homes in order to provide the service.

Ultimately, this type of software can be used to manage mobile workers and help with scheduling their appointments at job sites with clients.

Mobile job scheduling software features

  • Travel zone and route optimization
  • Scheduling service appointments
  • Invoicing and payment processing

Industries that use service job scheduling software

There are many industries that can benefit from using service job scheduling software. For service businesses, the software can configure to your specific business needs. Here are a few industries that can use this type of software:

  • Home Services Businesses
  • At Home Health Care
  • Mobile Beauty Services
  • Mobile Massage Therapists
  • Mobile Music Lessons
  • And more!

Benefits of service job scheduling software

Automation has become an important factor for many service businesses in the digital age. Finding ways to automate your business can truly be a game changer helping you to increase revenue, decrease costs and minimize headaches.

There are many benefits to automating parts of your service business to increase productivity and help you focus on the aspects of your business that matter to you most. 

To start, it’s a no brainer that your service business relies on you scheduling appointments with your customers. However, depending on how you’re scheduling your appointments, it can bring a slew of challenges and inefficiencies.

Using service job scheduling software can be a much more effective way to schedule appointments between your mobile workers and your customers. Ultimately, saving you time, money, allowing your business to scale, and more. 

Especially, if you’re currently managing scheduling of your mobile workers through manual methods. The old ways of managing scheduling requires a lot of tedious tasks and perhaps applications that can be distracting. 

Using service job scheduling software can be a much more effective way to schedule appointments between your mobile workers and your customers. Ultimately, saving you time, money, allowing your business to scale, and more. 

There are many industries that can benefit from using job scheduling software for mobile workers. Whether you have a home services business, at home health care business, mobile beauty services business, mobile massage therapists or other type of service business, using this software can make your business more efficient.

In this post, we will be exploring the key benefits of using this type of software for mobile workers. 

Manual vs automated appointment scheduling

Benefits of Job Scheduling Software for Mobile Workers

A) Pen and paper calendar or calendar apps

The manual ways that service businesses are scheduling appointments is by using pen and paper agendas/notebooks or calendar applications like Google Calendar. These simple methods may suffice for a really small business, but as your service business grows and you have multiple service providers, these methods won’t be effective in managing scheduling between your customers and mobile workers.

There will be too many scheduling details to consider because of the sheer number of customers and mobile workers that you’ll be scheduling. You and your team could end up spending an excessive amount of time on scheduling. By using manual appointment scheduling methods you run the risk of scheduling mistakes - double bookings, over-bookings, or leaving not enough travel time between customers, through human error.

These methods aren’t smart because they can’t create logistical efficiencies like having your mobile workers availability uploaded and setting travel zones, so they can service specific geographical areas and waste precious time traveling back and forth across the city. 

B) Software 

While software is certainly your best bet for scheduling appointments with your mobile workers it’s important to keep in mind that not all service job scheduling software is created equal. Unfortunately, a lot of scheduling software systems available on the market do not meet the needs of most service businesses.

Advanced service job scheduling software, can make a difference in your service business.

They are typically meant for businesses with physical locations that customers come and visit. Businesses with mobile workers who travel to multiple locations in one day, need a much more specialized software to truly impact their business in a positive way. 

The good news is that there is service job scheduling software options that are more advanced and can truly handle the entire scheduling process for you. This advanced software allows your mobile workers to set travel zones and availability to ensure their schedules and customer routes make sense. logistically.

In contrast, other software options that are not meant to manage mobile workers will require you to still do things to manually  schedule appointments. This can result in logistical nightmares when it comes to route planning for mobile workers to travel to clients.

MarketBox’s CEO, Diana Goodwin, knows these struggles all too well from her time building and growing the software for AquaMobile which manages over 2,000 travelling swim instructors. That’s why she decided to build MarketBox, so that other businesses could avoid the headaches she faced before she leveraged technology.

Automating your business

The best way to manage scheduling of your mobile workers for your service business, is by using a service job scheduling software designed specifically for businesses with travelling service providers. This type of software will help to automate scheduling for your business, allowing you to focus on the aspects of your business that really matter.

1. Increase sales and revenue for your business

Service job scheduling software can help to increase your business’ sales and revenue. By using software, customers will enjoy the scheduling experience more because they can schedule their own appointments, at their own convenience 24 hours a day. Less back and forth with customers and instant booking means you’re less likely to lose a customer to a competitor during the scheduling process. 

Furthermore, when your team members are using the scheduling software to book a client over the phone or by email, they will instantly be able to give the customer a time, instead of having to first manually check that the routes of previously booked clients work with the new booking. No need to call a customer back after double checking that you can fit them in. 

Route optimization will also help to choose the right mobile worker to be assigned to a job within that customers travel zone. The software will confirm that travel times work for the mobile workers schedule in order to be on time for the job, which results in increased trust for customers. Therefore you can probably expect to see a further increase in sales and revenue from repeat business and happy customers referring your business to others. 

2. Improve route optimization for mobile workers

Certain service job scheduling software options can go beyond just scheduling, they can also help with route optimization. You can set travel zones for each of your mobile employees so that each one can focus on a cluster of customers instead of travelling back and forth across a large geographical area.

This will lead to more revenue for your business since you can instantly book customers with confidence.
Job Scheduling Software for Mobile Workers

You can even allow each mobile worker to set their own travel zone and upload their availability into the software. So, that when the customer is scheduling an appointment, or if you are scheduling on a customer’s behalf, you can choose the best mobile worker who can travel to that specific location.

This will lead to more revenue for your business overall as you can instantly book the customer with confidence. Also, it is beneficial for your business because it will reduce wear and tear on vehicles and increase fuel efficiency because your mobile workers will have their scheduled appointments within a specific travel zone.

Less travelling improves time efficiency, stop burnout for mobile workers and reduce mobile worker disengagement. More accurate travel time estimates for customers can also increase customer satisfaction as well. 

3. Give your customers scheduling control 

Depending on the job scheduling software you use, your customers should be able to use the platform to schedule their own appointments with your mobile workers.

Additionally, the software will allow your customers to easily cancel or reschedule appointments at their will. So, if something comes up, they don’t need to worry about emailing or calling your company. Instead they can just login to the customer portal and manage their scheduling themselves.

Customers love having the autonomy to decide when scheduling works best for them. You’re giving your customers control, while reducing the amount of back and forth, you would have to do if you were manually scheduling appointments with them. 

As mentioned, some software are not designed to handle mobile workers and will still make you do scheduling work internally. However, a specially designed job scheduling software like MarketBox will manage the entire scheduling process for your mobile business. It also has a number of other features such as creating a waitlist if there is excess customer demand for specific time slots. 

4. Save you money

A huge incentive of using service job scheduling software to automate your business  is that it helps you to save money. Firstly, it will help to reduce human resources costs because you won’t need to hire as many people to manage scheduling, bookings and invoicing.

Also, you’ll be able to accomplish more because you’ll have the software there to help you with bookings. Hiring costs can be huge and as previously mentioned, human error is always possible when it comes to manual scheduling.

Using this type of software can also help to reduce customer no shows for service appointments as well as mix ups that might result from accidental double bookings.

If your business is using a scheduling software tool that supports field service or mobile workers, then your customers will be able to easily cancel or reschedule appointments with your business online.

A good software will also provide your customers with notifications to remind them of an appointment, so that they don’t forget about an appointment. Also, the software can provide reminders to mobile workers as well, so that they don’t forget about an appointment either. Overall this will reduce missed appointments and therefore reduce loss of income. 

5. Save you time

Another benefit of using service job scheduling software is that it helps you to save time. For example, hiring an employee to be responsible for job scheduling can eat up your time during the hiring process as well as training them to do the job correctly.

The alternative to this is doing the job scheduling manually yourself, but as a business owner this probably wouldn't be a good use of your time. A better option is to leave the tedious job scheduling details to a much more efficient software. The software can avoid human error and save you a lot of time.

Being in contact with customers trying to workout scheduling timings that work for both parties can be frustrating and result in lost sales. 

Benefits of Job Scheduling Software for Mobile Workers

Service job scheduling software sends notification reminders to let your customers know when an upcoming appointment is scheduled for. Since they are automated, you won't need to spend time sending the notifications manually. The reminders can help to reduce no shows, saving you time from showing up to an appointment and having a customer cancel last minute. 

6. Help your business scale 

Job scheduling software can handle the scheduling of many service providers. As your company scales, the amount of administrative work to manage the scheduling of each customer will increase.This means you either spend more time on job scheduling or you hire an employee to manage job scheduling.

Manage many service providers and customers easily, even as you grow.

Although, if you use high-quality job scheduling software it can manage many service providers and the large amounts of customers they will have appointments with. As your business grows, the software will continue to manage these service providers and customers, so you won’t have to think about ways to manage growth as it happens.

Investing in the right software will lead to more revenue because it will manage the scheduling aspect of your business as it scales.

7. Provide better customer service

Scheduling mistakes can happen. Since scheduling is often done over the phone or email, it’s always possible that human error can poor scheduling issues. This can be frustrating for your customers and can even lead to them switching over to your competitors. Minimizing back and forth, means you can capture a customer before they decide to look for an alternative company or service provider.

Make your customers feel more in control with instant and seamless job scheduling.

Alternatively, by using job scheduling software you’re consistently providing a high-quality customer service experience for your customers. Since your customers can book service appointments on the spot, whenever they want which allows them to easily cancel/reschedule their appointments.

This makes your customer feel more in control, while reducing scheduling mistakes since the platform will ensure that scheduling is seamless. Allowing your customers to book appointments easily will lead to more revenue.  

Job scheduling software also provides better customer service because the mobile worker can immediately advise the customer of what time slots are available in their schedule.

Benefits of Job Scheduling Software

Instead of having to double check the travel time needed or make sure the mobile worker can take that client. The mobile workers availability is uploaded into the software, so that customers know exactly when that particular mobile worker is available for an appointment. Mobile workers can get access to their bookings in one place so they don't get mixed up.

8. Help your business expand to new geographies

As your business expands to new geographies managing various aspects of your business can be difficult. Do you hire staff to manage your mobile workers in different regions? How do you schedule service appointments in these regions?

When you use a mobile job scheduling software, you can scale your business and efficiently expand into new geographies. Mobile workers can set a specific region as the area they will provide their services. MarketBox for example can help with managing schedules in various areas using route optimization software.   

Ready to get started?

Mobile job scheduling software is an important tool that can be used to increase efficiency and productivity in your service business. By using this software you are automating one of the most important, but at the same time tedious parts of running your business-- scheduling.

However, by discontinuing ineffective ways of scheduling appointments between your mobile workers and your customers, you can increase revenue, give your customers control, save time, save money, give your business the ability to scale, expand to new geographies, and set a new standard for customer service. 

Book your MarketBox demo today and see how service job scheduling software can benefit your company.

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