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5 Ways Swim Schools Can Increase Repeat Business & Improve Customer Loyalty | MarketBox

5 Ways Swim Schools Can Increase Repeat Business & Improve Customer Loyalty

It’s estimated that 80% of revenue comes from just 20% of repeat customers, and since satisfied customers spend on average 2.6 times more, increasing repeat bookings and improving customer loyalty will significantly impact your swim school’s profitability. 

Here are five easy ways to get more repeat customers.

#1. Reward loyalty 

One of the easiest ways to increase repeat bookings is to reward customers for staying with your swim school. Establishing a loyalty program that offers repeat customers discounts on future bookings or lets them earn points for every order is an effective way to increase customer retention. 

Loyalty programs have also been shown to reduce costs and make it easier to track customer preferences, buying habits, and interests that can inform your swim school’s marketing strategy. 

#2. Sell swim lessons in packages 

To practically guarantee repeat business, sell swim lessons in packages. Aside from the fact no one has ever learned to swim in one session, if you only sell single lessons, a customer must repeatedly book with your business. 

Not only is it inconvenient to rebook every week, but you’re relying on the hope they choose you over a rival swim school every time. 

If you sell your swim lessons in packs, you reduce the number of times a customer has to make that choice and the number of opportunities to leave. It also gives you multiple chances to impress them with your high-quality services. 

#3. Provide excellent customer service 

Dissatisfied customers are unlikely to return, and the same goes for customers who had a negative experience trying to book, contact, or otherwise interact with your swim school. To increase customer loyalty and get more repeat business, focusing on providing excellent customer service is essential. 

Address any issues or complaints promptly and ensure all team members are appropriately trained and knowledgeable on business practices so they can provide helpful assistance to customers. 

#4. Communicate with customers effectively 

In addition to providing excellent customer service, communicating with customers effectively will help increase repeat business for your swim school. 

Communication practices to adopt include 

  • Keeping customers updated with lesson or instructor changes 
  • Sending useful marketing messages such as promotions, updates on new lesson times or services, and how they can continue working on skills outside of lessons
  • Avoid spamming customers with too many emails 

For seasonal swim schools, stay in touch with customers throughout the year to remain top of mind, but reduce the frequency of communication during the off-season. 

#5. Send lesson follow-up emails

After a customer finishes a lesson pack, send a follow-up email thanking them for booking with you, and provide an opportunity to submit feedback or a review so you can continue to improve the customer experience. 

If a customer feels valued, they’re more likely to return. And if they had an issue that you listened to and resolved quickly, you might just be able to get a second chance; an apology offer can help with this too. 

Final thoughts 

Increasing repeat business for your swim school is all about nailing the customer experience. By making it easy and convenient to book with you, providing excellent customer service, and listening to and actioning feedback, you will increase customer loyalty and be well on your way to having a customer base you affectionately call “the regulars.”

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