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WellnessLiving Software Pricing and Reviews 2023

WellnessLiving Software Pricing and Reviews 2023

What is WellnessLiving (a software overview) 

WellnessLiving is a business management software created for the wellness industry (think yoga studios, fitness and dance studios, etc.). The software enables users to manage every aspect of their business, including online booking, staff scheduling in fixed locations, marketing, and even live-streaming classes. 

WellnessLiving software features 

WellnessLiving features

WellnessLiving is an all-in-one software option for businesses operating in the wellness space. While it caters to those working from fixed addresses rather than mobile businesses, the range of features WellnessLiving offers covers all the main areas involved in running a business. Any missing functionality can be added via the Zapier integration

WellnessLiving features available on all plans include 

Despite the robust range of features available, it’s worth noting that several WellnessLiving reviews mention that the software’s interface is not that intuitive, and their customers (particularly new ones) struggle to book and manage their appointments online

For businesses offering in-home and mobile appointments, a purpose-built appointment scheduling software like MarketBox will provide more support tailored to your needs. 

MarketBox’s advanced scheduling system is specifically designed for businesses with a mobile workforce, making it easy to coordinate your service providers wherever they operate. The software’s travel zone feature lets you control when and where your team works and filters providers in the booking flow so customers only see options that match their criteria (location, skills, availability). 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one business management software that can handle businesses of all sizes and automate scheduling and booking across mobile locations, book a personalized demo to learn more about MarketBox. 

WellnessLiving pricing

WellnessLiving pricing

WellnessLiving pricing is split across four plans:

  • Starter - $89/month
  • Basic - $129/month 
  • Business - $159/month 
  • Enterprise - custom pricing 

Unlike other business management software, which typically split plans according to the number of users, WellnessLiving differentiates pricing depending on the features you’re looking for. As a result, even small teams will need to be on the business plan to access time-saving features like email and SMS marketing, phone support, and payroll tracking

All WellnessLiving plans also have the option to pay extra for add-ons such as a Quickbooks integration, a custom website, personalized messaging, and FitLive for live-streaming classes. It’s worth noting, though, that several WellnessLiving reviews mention how quickly these extras add up. 

MarketBox’s inclusive pricing plans have all the features you need to operate and scale your mobile service-based business, regardless of your plan, including online payments, customizable booking flows, travel zones, review forms, and more. As your business grows, the fully scalable plans grow with you, so you’ll never have to worry about switching over as your customers and staff levels increase. 

WellnessLiving integrations 

Much like MarketBox, WellnessLiving boasts a Zapier integration that enables you to connect your account to thousands of other apps to seamlessly transfer data and workflows between your different systems. 

Zapier lets you connect your MarketBox or WellnessLiving account to apps, including 

WellnessLiving reviews

WellnessLiving reviews

WellnessLiving reviews are mixed across the major software review sites; some customers seem to love it while others consistently rank the WellnessLiving customer service two stars or below and site regular glitches and an user-friendly interface as recurring problems. In addition, many WellnessLiving reviews state the onboarding process was “a nightmare,” and they didn’t feel adequately prepared when switching their system over. 

Interestingly, several customers switched over from Mindbody to WellnessLiving. To learn more about WellnessLiving vs. Mindbody, take a look at our Mindbody review here.

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