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How to Offer Mobile Car Detailing Services | MarketBox

How to Offer Mobile Car Detailing Services

If you’re looking to start a mobile car detailing business and are wondering how to get started, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out how to offer mobile car detailing services and the trick to making scheduling mobile appointments easier. 

#1. Get the right insurance 

The first step to offering mobile car detailing services is selecting the right business insurance. In addition to the standard suite of insurance, you will need policies that cover you for accidental damage to client's properties. 

If you’re unsure what insurance you need, it’s worth speaking to a professional to avoid making a potentially costly mistake. 

#2. Decide which services you will offer in-home

The next step is to decide what services you’re going to offer. At this stage, it’s helpful to look at what other car detailing companies offer and determine which services are feasible for you, given your budget. 

You might also want to offer some “pick-up” services where you pick the client’s car up and take it away to service. This is a good option for more intensive services that require multiple people or equipment. 

#3. Determine your pricing structure 

Once you know what services your mobile car detailing business will offer, the next step is deciding on your prices. To help with this, look at other detailing companies in your area to get a range and establish your fixed and variable expenses that need to be covered in your pricing

Then you need to decide how you’ll charge clients. Options include 

  • By the hour 
  • A fixed cost for each service 
  • A variable cost for each service depending on the car size, e.g., sedan vs. SUV vs. truck
  • Custom quotes depending on the scale of the job, e.g., filthy cars are charged more than one that requires a quick wash

#4. Choose a mobile car detailing software to handle your scheduling

The next step to offering mobile car detailing is to find scheduling software that can handle mobile appointments. MarketBox is the first appointment-scheduling software specifically designed for businesses offering in-home and mobile services. The software makes it easy for businesses to manage provider logistics and enable clients to self-book and pay for appointments online. 

To learn more about how MarketBox can help you launch your mobile car detailing business, book an introductory call with one of the team

#5. Advertise your mobile car detailing services

Once you’ve figured out your pricing and chosen a mobile car detailing software to handle your booking and scheduling, you’re ready to start advertising your business. Targeted ad campaigns on Google or Social Media can be highly effective if you have the budget. 

If you’re looking for free ways to advertise your mobile car detailing services, set up and optimize your Google Business Page, and enquire about advertising in local mechanic shops, automotive part suppliers, or local Facebook groups. 

How to schedule mobile car detailing appointments 

  1. Identify each employee’s availability for mobile detailing appointments 
  2. Identify how far each person will travel for mobile appointments 
  3. Input the information into your chosen mobile car detailing software and let customers self-book 

It really is that easy.

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