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SimplySwim Pricing and Reviews 2023 | MarketBox

SimplySwim Pricing and Reviews 2023

What is SimplySwim Online (a software overview)

SimplySwim is a swim school management platform created in conjunction with swim school owners and managers. The software handles class schedules, attendance tracking, skill tracking, waitlist management, payments, and more.*

*some features are plan-dependent 

SimplySwim Online features 

SimplySwim features

Despite being a swim school management platform, most of the SimplySwim features focus on student enrollment and class management; few features enable swim schools to manage their staff. 

That being said, the platform has an impressive number of features, including

  • Class scheduling 
  • Attendance management 
  • Online payments 
  • Skill tracking and certificates 
  • Waitlists 
  • Customer communication tools 

SimplySwim is designed for swim schools with a physical location. Any business offering private and/or in-home swimming lessons may find the platform’s functionality lacking. For those businesses, MarketBox might be a better solution. 

MarketBox is the first appointment-scheduling software built specifically for businesses offering in-home and mobile services. It was created by Diana Goodwin, the founder of AquaMobile, North America’s largest provider of private at-home swim lessons. The platform’s intelligent scheduling features allow customers to self-book swimming lessons, while travel zones make it possible to control when and where your team operates. 

With MarketBox, you can also give students the option to choose their swimming instructor from a list of available instructors in their area or automatically match them based on availability, skills, and location. For more information on how MarketBox can handle your mobile swim school’s operations, book a personalized demo with the team. 

SimplySwim Online Pricing 

SimplySwim Pricing

SimplySwim pricing is split across three plans 

  • Sales - $149/month AUD for up to 500 active students 
  • Complete - $189/month AUD for 500+ active students 
  • Elite - $269/month AUD for unlimited active students 

It’s worth noting that SimplySwim is an Australian software company, so the prices are displayed in Australian dollars. Businesses outside of Australia will need to factor in a fluctuating exchange rate and FX fees into their total cost. 

SimplySwim Online Integrations 

SimplySwim does not list any integrations on its website. 

SimplySwim Online Reviews 

SimplySwim reviews

SimplySwim reviews are generally favorable on Capterra, a popular software review site. SimplySwim users comment on the user-friendly features and the level of customer support; however, several people mention it takes a long time to set up the platform. In addition, many complain that key features like the parent portal are not available on the basic (Sales) plan. Given that this plan can accommodate up to 500 students, many don’t need the additional spaces the next plan offers but want the features, so they end up paying more than necessary. 

If you’re looking for a flexible booking and scheduling tool for your mobile swim school, book a personalized MarketBox demo to learn more about the only software built specifically for mobile appointments

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