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How to Schedule Home Healthcare Providers | MarketBox

How to Schedule Home Healthcare Providers

Home healthcare is the next frontier in healthcare innovation. With an aging population and an increased demand for convenient, accessible ways to receive healthcare treatments, more and more businesses are offering in-home and mobile healthcare appointments. 

The problem is, when you operate from a clinic or hospital, healthcare providers just need to know when to be there and when to leave. But with in-home healthcare appointments, you also have to factor in travel time and account for the different distances each provider is willing to travel in the first place. 

Luckily, with an increase in home healthcare appointments comes an increase in tech-based solutions to solve the scheduling issues healthcare businesses face. Here’s how to schedule home healthcare providers in 3 easy steps. 

How to schedule home healthcare providers in 3 steps 

1. Determine each provider’s availability — depending on how flexible your working hours are, this could differ by day.

2. Identify how far each care provider is willing to travel for in-home appointments — again, this might differ for each day, or they might prefer to work in specific areas on certain days.

3. Input both pieces of information into MarketBox, the scheduling software built for home healthcare businesses and put your scheduling on autopilot.

MarketBox is a scheduling software that’s specifically designed for businesses offering in-home and mobile services, making it the perfect solution for home healthcare businesses looking to schedule providers. 

The software’s travel zone feature lets an admin (or your providers) create service areas and assign unique availability to each zone for control over when and where your team works. 

If you allow patients to self-book online, the MarketBox online booking system uses these travel zones to filter providers according to the patient’s criteria and match them with the right person for their needs. (You can also give patients the option to hand-select their care provider from a list of compatible options.) 

If you prefer to handle bookings yourself, you can also use the booking system to book on behalf of patients and still take advantage of the software’s SmartMatching capabilities. Either way, once the booking is confirmed, it’s automatically added to the chosen provider’s schedule and both parties are notified. 

Any changes to scheduled bookings are automatically reflected in the provider’s schedule, and both the patient and provider will be notified, so your office team doesn’t have to spend time playing phone tag. 

Alternatively, you can turn on the accept/decline feature which allows providers to accept or decline job requests as they come in. If the chosen provider doesn’t accept or respond within your specified time frame, the service request is sent out to up to 10 other care providers with matching criteria so you never miss out on a sale. 

To learn more about how MarketBox can handle your home healthcare business’s booking, scheduling, and payments, book a demo with one of our experts.

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