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Customer Service Tips for Service-Based Businesses | MarketBox

Customer Service Tips for Service-Based Businesses

Salesforce research indicates that 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Improving customer service in your service-based business is an ongoing process that involves a combination of strategy, training, technology, and a commitment to meeting customer needs. But it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. 

Here are twelve steps you can take in your service business to improve your customer service. 

1. Collect and analyze customer feedback 

Regularly collecting and analyzing customer feedback is an effective way to identify areas of improvement for your customer service and business as a whole. Customer feedback can be collected through conversations, surveys, reviews, polls, and focus groups. 

If you struggle to collect feedback organically, consider adding review prompts in your appointment follow-ups or send out survey requests with the opportunity to win prizes or discounts on future services. 

2. Invest in training for your team 

For service businesses in particular, it makes sense to invest in training the people who represent your business. Just because employees are highly skilled at their jobs doesn’t automatically make them good at customer interaction. So, when your team is the face of your company, ensure they have training in customer service and communication skills, as well as service-specific knowledge. 

Once you’ve equipped your team with customer service skills, empower them to make decisions and resolve issues without always needing to escalate them to management. This will help reduce the number of customer service complaints your company receives and ensure customers get quick results if an issue should arise. 

3. Implement a CRM system 

A CRM system (also known as customer relationship management software) improves customer service by tracking customer interactions, preferences, and service history. This data can help your team provide more personalized services and better anticipate customer needs. Because the information is stored digitally, it can be made available to any employee performing the service, making it particularly useful if jobs aren’t always assigned to the same provider. 

4.Set clear service standards and operating procedures

Another way service-based businesses can improve customer service is to set clear standards and operating procedures. This gives your team a framework to work around and ensures that service quality remains consistent across every customer touchpoint. 

5. Offer multi-channel support (if you have the resources) 

If you have the resources to monitor them, offering support across multiple channels can be an effective way to improve customer service. This allows customers to choose their preferred communication method and introduces more flexibility to your customer service options. 

However, all customer inquiries or complaints should be handled promptly (and always under 24 hours), so consider the resources available and avoid overloading your team. 
Channels to consider include:

  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • Live chat
  • Social media 
  • Contact form 
  • Text/Whatsapp 

6. Modernize your service business with the right technology

Implementing technology into your service business is an incredibly effective way to improve customer service. More than 70% of customers want to book online, so implementing an online booking system is an easy way to satisfy your customers. Whatever your business type or industry, there’s an online booking software to suit your needs. MarketBox, for example, is specifically designed for businesses offering in-home and mobile appointments, MoeGo is built for pet groomers, and NexHealth caters to doctors. 

Other technology to consider includes scheduling software (often, this is combined with an online booking tool, such as with MarketBox), a programable chatbot, email marketing tools, and a CRM. 

7. Personalize customer interactions 

90% of customers spend more with businesses that personalize the customer experience, and it’s an easy way to make customers feel valued. To improve customer service, use customer data to personalize interactions like emails and marketing messages, as well as the services you provide. Always address customers by name, note service preferences to avoid intake questions before every service, and make recommendations or send reminders based on past purchasing behavior. 

8. Establish a customer-focused culture 

Becoming a customer-focused business is another easy way to improve customer service in your service business. Ensure that every employee understands the importance of customer satisfaction and is committed to delivering excellent service at every stage of the customer’s journey. 

9. Set and monitor key performance indicators 

Another effective way to improve customer service is to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer service. The data you uncover from these metrics can be used to track progress and make data-driven improvements to boost customer satisfaction. 

KPIs to track include

  • Response times 
  • Resolution rates
  • Customer satisfaction scores 
  • Support requests

10. Review policies and procedures regularly 

Once you have operating procedures and customer service policies in place, reviewing them regularly is important to ensure they remain aligned with industry best practices and customer needs. Don’t be afraid to change policies that aren’t working or adapt procedures as you gather more information about your customers.

11. Monitor competitor practices 

Another easy way to improve customer service in your service-based business is to monitor your competitors. Keep an eye on how they handle customer service, learn from their successes and failures, and look out for ways you can differentiate yourself from them. 

12. Celebrate successes with your team 

Finally, once you’ve taken steps to improve customer service within your organization, remember to celebrate successes with your team. Highlighting positive feedback and customer success stories will motivate your team to continue providing high-quality customer service. 

Final thoughts 

By consistently focusing on improving customer service, you can build stronger customer relationships, foster loyalty, and set your service business apart from the competition. Remember that customer service is an evolving aspect of your business that requires continuous attention and refinement from everyone involved. 

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