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6 Benefits of Job Scheduling Software for Energy Audit Businesses

6 Benefits of Job Scheduling Software for Energy Audit Businesses

What is job scheduling software? 

Job scheduling software helps service businesses of all sizes schedule jobs, manage upcoming work, and organize employees to be in the right place at the right time. 

For energy audit businesses offering in-home energy assessments, job scheduling software for mobile businesses reduces the stress of scheduling across multiple job sites. The different features and automations that job scheduling software offers free up valuable time in your organization and can help your team work more efficiently.  

Job scheduling software benefits for energy audit businesses

1. Scheduling software increases productivity 

Job scheduling software optimizes your teams’ calendars, helping to increase productivity and make your energy audit business more efficient. The software can reduce travel time between mobile appointments, identify inefficiencies in your team’s schedule, and help your employees be productive and avoid burnout

Schedules are automatically generated and easy to access, so your whole team knows when and where they should be at any given time. 

2. Job scheduling software saves time and resources across your business 

Maximizing limited resources is the secret to longevity and growth for energy audit businesses. Job scheduling software helps your team work smarter, not harder, by eliminating the need to assign jobs or create schedules manually.

Communications like schedule changes, job site updates, etc., can all be automated. Hence, they go out at the right time, ensuring your team always has the information they need to work efficiently. 

3. Job scheduling software makes tracking jobs easier 

Job scheduling software makes it easy to track employee progress and receive updates from job sites without interfering with their work.  Job scheduling software like MarketBox lets employees mark jobs as “in progress” or “complete,” and the admin receives notifications every time something changes. 

With job scheduling software for energy audit businesses, there’s no need to pick up the phone or disturb your employees while they’re with a client just to get an update! 

4. Using software reduces scheduling conflicts 

Job scheduling software reduces scheduling conflicts because provider availability is updated in real time, so there’s never a risk of double-booking a job. Some job scheduling software, like MarketBox, even gives you the option to let providers accept or decline booking requests for even more control over their schedule. 

5. Job scheduling software gives you easy access to data 

When you use software to power your business, accessing data and insights on everything from provider performance and job acceptance rates to customer satisfaction and sales figures happens at the touch of a button. 

Job scheduling software compiles the data into reports so you always have a clear view of your business and can make smart, informed decisions based on real-time data that will benefit your business.

6. Job scheduling software makes it easier for clients to schedule energy assessments

Some job scheduling software, like MarketBox, has an online booking system that lets clients book energy assessments online. 70% of customers want to book online, so this small change can significantly increase your energy audit company’s sales and improve your customer experience.

To learn more about MarketBox and how it can streamline your energy audit business, book a personalized platform walkthrough today.  

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