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Setting Your Schedule

How to set up your first provider schedule in MarketBox as a provider

After adding your travel zones, you go ahead and set your schedule either on the provider mobile app or the desktop site.

On the Provider Mobile App

1. Go to My Availability (left-hand navigation bar).

2. Press the Plus icon on the top right corner.

3. Select a Location (one of your travel zones, a physical company location, or virtual).

4. Select the Services you offer for this schedule.

5. Specify which days this schedule repeats on.

6. Specify a Start and End Time.

7. If your schedule is indefinite, make sure the No End Date toggle is OFF.

8. If not, specify a Start and End Date.

9. Press Save.

A green circle will appear beside an active schedule.

On the Desktop Site

1. Log in to your Provider account and navigate to your My Schedules.

2. Select the Manage Availability tab.

Go to the manage availability tab in MarketBox to set up your provider schedule

3. Click the New Schedule button.

4. Select the Location (travel zone, physical company location, or virtual) and Service being offered.  

5. Specify a Start Date, End Date.

6. Specify a Start Time and End Time.

7. Specify whether this schedule Repeats On certain days.

8. Make sure the Active switch is toggled On.

9. Hit Save.

A green circle will appear beside an active schedule.

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