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Updating Your Provider Schedule

Updating Your Provider Schedule in MarketBox

On the Provider Mobile App

1. Log in to the Provider Mobile App and navigate to My Availability (right-hand navigation bar).

2. Tap the Edit Schedule Icon (top icon) to add or remove Services you offer or to indicate an End Date.

3. Press Save and return to the My Availability screen.

4. Tap the Edit Availability Icon (bottom icon) to adjust what days your schedule Repeats, to adjust the Start/End Time, or to adjust the Start/End Date.

5. Press Save.

On the Desktop Site

1. Log in to your Provider account and navigate to your My Schedules.

2. Select the Manage Availability tab.

Manage availability tab in MarketBox

3. Click the Edit Schedule Icon (not to be confused with the Edit Availability icon).

Edit Schedule Icon in MarketBox

4. Here, you can edit the Services provided.

5. Navigate back to the Manage Availability page and click the Edit Availability icon.

Edit schedule availability in MarketBox

6. Here, you can update the Start/End Date, Start/End Time, or whether the availability Repeats.

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