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5 Reasons Customers Want to Book Online | MarketBox

5 Reasons Customers Want to Book Online

More than 70% of customers want to book online — a number that increases if your target audience consists mainly of Gen Z and Millennials. But why exactly is online booking so popular with customers? 

#1. Convenience

Online booking is the most convenient way to schedule appointments. Customers can book online from their phone or computer anytime and aren’t restricted to booking during business hours — when most of them are working too. Since 40% of appointments are booked outside of business hours, you’ll likely see an increase in customers too. 

In addition to being able to book any time from anywhere, customers can also get appointments confirmed instantly instead of waiting on responses to forms, emails, or messages. And, if you offer online booking through an all-in-one appointment scheduling software like MarketBox, customers can also pay for their appointments. 

#2. Transparency 

Another reason customers prefer to book online is the transparency online booking offers. With online booking, customers can view pricing upfront and compare choices to make informed decisions. When they’re ready to book, they can view all the available appointment slots to find the one that suits their schedule, rather than panic-choosing the first slot you offer them over the phone!

#3. Time-saving  

Booking online saves time, which is another reason why it’s your customers’ preferred booking method. Via your online booking system, customers can find all the information they need (like pricing, availability, etc.), so they don’t need to contact your business and wait for a reply, and they can get appointments confirmed instantly. 

If you’re offering online payments too, customers can complete the entire transaction in one go without the extra work of phoning to give you their card details or paying in person at the appointment. 

#4. Control 

Another reason customers prefer to book online is because it puts them in control of the booking process. Online booking software like MarketBox allows customers to choose the location, exact date, and timeslot for their appointment and, if applicable, the service provider. Once they’ve made the appointment, they can easily manage, cancel, or rebook services via their client account for complete control over their appointments.

#5. Security 

Lastly, another big reason customers prefer online booking is security — this is particularly important if you’re asking customers to pay online too. Online booking software has inbuilt security measures to keep customer data secure, and most use third-party payment processors like Stripe or PayPal to securely process payments so customers can book with confidence. 

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