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iClassPro Pricing and Reviews 2023 | MarketBox

iClassPro Pricing and Reviews 2023

What is iClassPro? (A software overview) 

iClassPro is a class management software designed for gymnastics, cheer, and swim schools. The software helps businesses manage classes, camps, private lessons, and events, register students, and schedule employees in fixed locations. Plans start at $129/per month/per location and include features such as student registration, skill tracking, and more. 

iClassPro features

iClassPro features

iClassPro features include everything you’d expect from class management software, including 

  • Class & camp booking and management 
  • Customer portal 
  • Point of Sale and payment services 
  • Reporting tools 
  • iClassPro App (the custom branded version is $99/month + $999 one-time start-up fee)
  • Skill tracking 
  • Staff management 

However, it’s worth noting that while online appointment booking is currently available on all plans, in 2024, users will need to be on the Elite plan or higher to continue using the customer booking feature. 

iClassPro reviews indicate that users are happy with the class management features. That said, the software is designed for static schools and does not have the features to accommodate in-home or mobile classes. If you offer lessons or classes in the client’s location, MarketBox might be more suitable for your needs. 

MarketBox is the first (and only) appointment-scheduling software built specifically for businesses offering in-home and mobile services. The software makes it easy to let customers book online, handle employee scheduling and logistics, process payments, and automate repetitive tasks to free up time to focus on your students. To find out more, book a no-obligation call with a business expert

iClassPro pricing 

iClassPro pricing

iClassPro pricing is currently split between two plans, with an additional mid-level plan launching in 2024. Prices are charged on a per month/per location basis and start at $129. (A location is classed as a distinct physical location or segment of a business that requires separate class and camp lists for online registration.)

As mentioned above, in 2024, online booking will be removed from the signature plan and only available on the elite or premium plans, adding an extra $70/per month/per location to the software’s cost. 

Unlike iClassPro, MarketBox charges a flat fee regardless of the number of business locations and makes all the essential features like online booking, employee scheduling and logistics, and payments available on all plans for a low-cost software option.

iClassPro integrations 

iClassPro does not list any integrations on its website; however, the software’s GetApp profile indicates iClassPro integrates with Mailchimp. In addition, the software comes with iClassPro payment services for processing online payments and an optional add-on iPartyPro, for organizing party spaces. 

iClassPro reviews

iClassPro reviews


iClassPro reviews are generally favorable on the major review sites (although limited on G2). Users generally comment on the high level of customer service and the well-thought-out functionality of the class management features. However, while some iClassPro reviews state the software is easy to use, others say it can be slow to load and the menus difficult to find. If you’re seriously considering using iClassPro, sign up for their free trial first to test it out yourself. 

If, like many other people, you’re comparing iClassPro vs. Jackrabbit, take a look at our Jackrabbit review here. 

If you’re looking for private class management software for your mobile business, book a personalized 1-on-1 demo to find out more about MarketBox.

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