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Checking Whether Providers Are Using the System

Make sure service providers have been onboarded properly

To check whether Providers have been onboarded successfully, you can:

1. Email them to ensure that they have received their temp password and have been able to login.

2. If you would like them to complete their own profiles, provide them with the steps. Below is a summary that you can edit, based on your own company's policies. You may also choose to make use of the videos sent in Onboarding Email #3. 

3. Check your Admin dashboard at least every few days to see who has set up their profile.

If you click on the Providers tab in the left-hand menu, you will be able to see a summary of all of your providers and see the number of schedules and locations each one has set up. This will help you determine which ones are already getting set up, and which ones might need some more time or help.

Check admin dashboard to see provider's progress

4. Check to make sure each provider has set up the proper skills, services, schedules, etc. that you expect based on their actual skill set.

5. Check provider bios for typos, and correct info.

If you are allowing customers and leads to self-book, it will be especially important to make sure the bio does a good job of 'selling' each provider. Not all of your Providers will be expert writers! Feel free to help them out, so that your business can thrive and attract more sales.

Check provider's bios and profile pictures

6. Ensure that each Provider has uploaded an appropriate photo that reflects the values of your business and is not blurry.

7. Get in a regular cadence of checking in with each Provider to make sure their availability is accurate and they are not running into any roadblocks that would prevent them from engaging with your company and the platform.

The cadence will depend on what type of business you have. For example, if your providers are full time employees, they are probably using the system everyday and you will likely not need to check in with them very frequently since any questions they have would've likely been answered already.

If you have a more marketplace style business or hire a lot of contractors, you will likely need to check in more frequently especially if your business is only one of their sources of income.

The more engaged your Providers are, the more great service you can offer the customers that want to buy from your company!

Templated Steps You Can Send to Your Providers to Set Up Their Profile

(Edit based on your business type/onboarding preferences)

1. Add profile info (name, phone #, skills, travel zones/locations, etc)
2. Add Public Info (bio and picture)
3. Add Travel zones (this is optional depending on if the Provider offers remote services)
4. Add Availability (at least one set of availability must be set for the provider to be available for bookings. If the Provider is offering services virtually or at a company location, they can set up their schedule for those options here)
5. Optional - Block Times: This can be used if a provider has a one-off day or timeslot they need to block. Or if they have a recurring lunch break, for example.

We hope these tips help you build user engagement with your team!