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Adding or Removing Services

How to Add or Remove Services from your Provider Account

Your company admin must already have Services set up. If they haven’t already, direct them to this article on How to Add Services.

On the Provider Mobile App

1. Log in to the Provider Mobile App.

2. You will be directed to the My Profile screen.

3. Press on the Services button to add or remove services.

4. Press Save.

On the Desktop Site

1. Log in to your Provider account and navigate to your Profile.

2. Click the Services drop-down menu to select or de-select the services you offer.

Click the drop-down menu to select or de-select services in MarketBox as a provider

3. Ensure the Active switch is toggled On.

4. Press Save for your changes to reflect on the customer booking site.

Ensure the active switch is on and you save your changes in MarketBox as a Provider