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Sell Services Online

Why You Should Use Technology to Sell Services Online

Automation for Service Businesses

Research shows that businesses without automation spend 71 percent of their time and resources planning and defining business processes. 

More companies are realizing that technology can not only create efficiencies through automation but can also improve their sales and bottom line.

Leverage a sales automation platform for your service business to convert more customer leads into sales.

Technology can be an important part of improving existing processes to increase sales and profits. Streamlining different parts of your business that involve your customers, mobile workers, and other internal resources can directly affect your business’s ability to capture more revenue. 

Tasks that a business is doing manually may cost your business sales, such as your customer booking process. By leveraging a sales automation platform for your service business, you can increase your exposure to more potential customers, and convert more customer leads into sales. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing how a sales automation platform can help transform sales for service business.

Use a sales automation platform to sell services online

A sales automation platform can play a huge role to sell services online and increasing sales for your service business. The ease and convenience that customers can book their appointments is key.

An optimal booking experience will do more than just book appointments and take payments, it will be optimized to convert more leads into actual sales.   

Sell services online: How your customers can benefit?

These days customers are demanding more from businesses. They want quick response times and to be served on their timeline.

sell services online

According to Hubspot Research, 90% of customers rate an "immediate" response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. 60% of customers define "immediate" as 10 minutes or less. This research shows how high the bar is to capture more sales, retain customers and increase profits

An e-commerce booking sales platform can help to facilitate these needs. Technology and sales automation platform are a huge competitive advantage that is necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced, tech-enabled world. 

Buying and booking service appointments at your customer’s convenience

sell services online

The e-commerce booking experience for service businesses provides a user-friendly way for more clients to book their appointments with your business, the same way they would buy a product online. 

Your company’s website, advertising your services, with a “Book Now” button that guides potential customers to a scheduling and buying page, will allow customers to easily select the service and proceed to book and pay for their appointment with one of your mobile workers.

The sales automation platform will prompt them to either pay now or pay later, which they can do right on the platform. With the right technology, the service booking experience is seamless and can be done at a customer’s own convenience.

Customers can instantly reschedule or cancel appointments

Some sales automation platforms and booking platforms will equip customers with their own login info once they schedule their first appointment. This gives them access to a personalized appointment history, along with the ability to cancel and reschedule appointments on their own, reducing the number of unnecessary phone calls and emails with your admin team.

By using an sales automation platform to facilitate the sales and scheduling process of your company’s services, your clients and visitors to your website can instantly book their appointments with your mobile workers with confidence. 

They won’t need to communicate back and forth with your business before knowing that they have secured an appointment. This allows customers to spend less of their valuable time in the booking process stage and more time looking forward to their upcoming appointment.

Sell services online: How your service business can benefit?

Keep your business open 24/7

sell services online

When you leverage a sales automation platform, your business will effectively be able to make money 24/7. Your employees are probably only available between the usual business hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

However, your sales automation platform will work even when you aren’t! The tool isn’t tied down to regular working hours. It continues to capture new sales at the convenience of your customers. 

A study on booking appointments showed that 60% of bookings happen during business hours and 40% after hours. This means that companies that use an sales automation platform to facilitate bookings, will be at an advantage since they won’t lose that 40 % of customers.

They won’t need to wait till regular booking times to schedule an appointment with your service business and your business won’t be interrupted with phone calls.

Subtly upsell to your customers online

By using a sales automation platform you are able to subtly upsell your customers. When customers visit your website and e-commerce site, they will be able to see all of your services and might see a service offering that they didn’t even know you offered. This will delight them, and provide you with another opportunity for a sale.

It’s a lot easier to upsell on your website as it's impossible to list all your services to a client over the phone! Also, describing these extra service offerings over the phone can start to sound salesy and may even turn your client off.

However, if they stumble upon these services in a way that seems natural to their customer journey, then they will be more likely to check out your other services. 

Encourage customers to make follow up purchases

A sales automation platform can increase revenue by enabling customers to easily make followup purchases and appointments. After they have their first appointment with your service business, they may be ready and eager to book their next appointment.

Less friction for customers to schedule the appointment, makes them more likely to do it.

However, if the booking process isn’t simple, this may delay them from booking their next appointment, or forget about the followup purchase altogether. 

Yet, by having an e-commerce platform,  customers can easily log in and book their next appointment at their convenience. There’s less friction for them to schedule the appointment, which makes them more likely to do it.

Some sales automation platform will even enable your business to send automated reminders to customers to book. These reminders won’t slip through the cracks because the sales tool will take care of it, resulting in less work for your team. 

Ready to get started?

Technology can make things easier for your customers and for your service business. By using an sales automation platform to sell services online, there is a higher chance a customer will complete a booking with your business. These tech solutions help everyone to benefit! 

Book your MarketBox demo today and see how an sales automation platform can benefit your company.

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