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7 Reasons Every Childcare Business Needs a Website | MarketBox

7 Reasons Every Childcare Business Needs a Website

When people’s automatic reaction to finding just about anything now is to head to Google, not having a website is not an option. Here are seven reasons every childcare business needs a website. 

1. An online presence makes it possible to attract leads and reach new markets 

As soon as you have an online presence, you’re opening up new possibilities for your childcare business. A website enables people to discover your business and is an excellent tool for attracting and converting leads (or potential clients). 

Your website will be full of keywords relating to your childcare agency and its services, which means when someone searches those terms, your website will appear in the search results. For childcare businesses operating at a local level, keywords relating to your location, e.g., babysitting in Seattle, will help you show up in local searches too. 

Additionally, if you offer gated content on your website (like this), you can also use your site to capture contact information you can then feed into your email marketing sequence to convert leads into customers. 

2. A website is the cost-effective marketing tool you’re missing out on 

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to pay to advertise your childcare agency because it would advertise itself. Having a website helps make this possible and can drastically reduce your advertising costs. 

Your website is a hub of information about your business and an excellent source of organic traffic. Organic should always be your childcare business's primary traffic source because it’s free and isn’t affected by ever-changing ad policies. To boost your website’s organic traffic, you need to apply search engine optimization (or SEO) best practices. 

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3. Having a website makes it easier for clients to book appointments 

70% of customers want to book service appointments online. But regardless of whether you have online booking options or not (you really should), having a website makes it easier for clients to book with your business because they can find the information they need in one place. This information includes 

  • A list of your services 
  • Pricing 
  • Contact information or online booking link (preferably both!) 
  • Hours of operation 
  • Service areas 

4. A website can save hours on customer service 

Your website is an extension of your customer service team that saves the real people answering the phone and email hours on customer service-related inquiries. Why? Because a website allows you to create pages that answer clients' (or potential clients) most commonly asked questions. 

Every childcare business’s website should have the following pages/information  

  • A pricing page 
  • Hours of operation
  • A contact us page with the different ways people can get in touch with your business 
  • A link to your online booking flow 
  • An FAQ page that covers common questions relating to your business and its services, e.g., your refund policy, the training qualifications your employees have, etc. 

5. A dedicated website makes your business look professional (and more credible)

If you had a choice between business A, with no online presence, bar a neglected Google Business Profile, or business B, with a fully built-out website full of glowing customer reviews, information on services, pricing, service areas, hours of operation, and an online booking option that lets you schedule your own appointment at a time that suits you, which would you pick?

Creating a website for your childcare business makes it look more professional (and like a legitimate business that isn’t going to scam clients out of their money!). 

6. Your website is a great place to display reviews & testimonials that drive sales

98% of consumers read a review before buying from a company. In addition to your Google Business Profile, a company website is a great place to display customer reviews and testimonials for your childcare business.

Reviews give a business credibility and are a form of “social proof,” a psychological phenomenon that essentially means if someone sees that others are buying and loving your services, they’ll want to buy from you, too, so they don’t miss out. For childcare agencies in particular, reviews are crucial to earn clients' trust.

Consider your website another way to capture more sales, and sprinkle customer reviews throughout your site so as a potential customer browses through your service pages, they continually see how much your clients love them.

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7. Having a website makes it easier for clients to find your business

It’s not just new and potential clients who will benefit from your website; it also makes life easier for your existing clients. Having a website makes it easier for your current clients to find your business again and, in turn, rebook, becoming repeat customers (the best kind of customer!). 

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the many benefits creating a website can offer your childcare business. But hopefully, you can see the value a website provides and now know that you don’t need a big budget or expert coding skills to create one! Using the customizable templates and drag-and-drop elements from a DIY website builder, you can build the perfect website for your business quickly and easily.

Check out our blog for more articles on how to optimize and grow your childcare business.

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