Why Marketbox

We've got the experience and expertise to help your service business operate smoothly and grow.
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We use Data to continuously improve lead conversions & increase your sales
  • Our mission never ends - we’re constantly using data to improve and update our system
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Designed specifically for mobile workforces
  • Put an end to manual work or trying to make a standard scheduling software fit your mobile business
  • Leverage flexible scheduling and custom travel zones for each provider
  • We also accommodate hybrid businesses - those that offer retail locations or virtual appointments in conjunction with mobile appointments
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Digital marketing & SEO expertise
  • Your online sales page can be enhanced to be show up in search engines, making it easier for customers and leads to discover your business
  • We also offer an optional feature to market specific workers online, to drive more leads to your website
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Learn from an experienced team of entrepreneurs
  • We’ve lived the ups and downs of growing a mobile workforce business and designed MarketBox to minimize pain points
  • We’ve built our knowledge and expertise into MarketBox
  • MarketBox is the product we wish we had when we were starting off. Our journey would’ve been less painful!
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Configure MarketBox to fit your businesses unique needs
  • Do you sell packages of services? One-off appointments? Recurring appointments? We’ll make sure your sales page fits with how you run your business
  • Offer as many service types as you want
  • Scale your operations across multiple regions
  • Customize your MarketBox colours, branding and logo to seamlessly match your website
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Everything you need to run your business - all in one MarketBox
  • The most comprehensive all-in-one solution available on the market for mobile workforces
  • Easily integrates into other software solutions
  • You get to focus on what you're passionate about - and MarketBox will take care of the rest

Who Uses MarketBox?

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Service Marketplaces

Quickly and easily launch your service marketplace with our all in one platform.

You can easily upgrade to MarketBox from your existing platform- we’ll help you transition and scale your marketplace to its next stage of growth. Our software seamlessly scales up with you.

Perfect for service marketplaces of all types: MarketBox provides best in class features for virtual services or mobile workforces.

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Businesses with Travelling Service Providers

No more headaches with scheduling and route planning. MarketBox will cut down booking time, resulting in more closed sales.

Leverage our e-commerce booking platform so customers can self-book (or  continue to book on behalf of customers and close sales in a shorter time).

You’ll be able to handle a larger number of workers, services and geographies with a smaller team.

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Businesses Offering Virtual Appointments

Businesses that want the flexibility to sell virtual services use MarketBox to optimize their scheduling and sales.

Customers want convenience more than ever - MarketBox can help you tap into this lucrative market.

Franchise businesses and enterprises leverage their deep workforces and brand recognition to open up new business opportunities using MarketBox.

Find the plan that’s right for your team.

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