Marketplace Software for Your Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace

Manage digital storefronts, process payments, and connect with vendors and consumers.
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Who is MarketBox for?

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eCommerce platforms with multiple vendors

Traditional eCommerce platforms aren't built to support more than one vendor. Marketplace software makes it easy to manage multiple digital storefronts, and MarketBox lets you collaborate with unlimited vendors for genuine flexibility.

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Service businesses with multiple contractors

If you're offering a service from different contractors depending on location, MarketBox's marketplace software makes it easy to manage sales, keep finances in order, and help customers find their nearest provider.

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Sites offering curated product offerings

Simplify the art of curation and partner with as many vendors as you like to offer product selections and 'best-ofs.' With Marketplace software, you can streamline vendor communication and process secure payments directly through your website.

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Businesses operating on a commission basis

If you make money selling other people's products for them, like offering hands-off infrastructure for physical stores to sell online, marketplace software makes managing business relationships a breeze.

Streamline communication with vendors

Create a custom database of vendors to keep contact information, order history, and billing all in one place.

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    Connect with unlimited vendors
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    Organize important information digitally
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    Access files from anywhere
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Automate shipping notifications

Sync your distribution channels to the marketplace software and use automated alerts to send shipping updates and delivery notifications in real-time.

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    Improve customer communication
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    Automate recurring tasks
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    Increase distribution efficiency
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Design and manage multiple storefronts

Sell as many products from as many different places as you want with the ability to build and manage multi-vendor marketplaces.

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    Expand revenue channels by incorporating new products
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    Easily manage multiple storefronts from one account
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    Grow your business profitably
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Find the right software for your team.

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Capture bookings with MarketBox

60% of bookings happen during business hours and 40% happen after hours.

Is your business prepared to capture these bookings?
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MarketBox FAQ

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